Louisville Wedding Photographer

For The Love Of What It Felt Like

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For The Love Of What It Felt Like

Louisville Wedding Photographer

For The Love Of What It Felt Like


For The Love Of What It Felt Like


For The Love Of What It Felt Like


For The Love Of What It Felt Like

Louisville wedding photographer couple's portrait

For The Love Of What It Felt Like

couple in barn photo by Louisville wedding photographer

For The Love Of What It Felt Like

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Louisville Wedding Photographer


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Whether barefoot or black tie, we empower you to be fully present. When you savor each moment it makes time feel like it’s passing slower, allowing you the wonder of being alive.

The feel of your gown brushing your skin as you walk those finals steps down the aisle, the sweet sound of laughter from your grandmother's lips, the swelling in your heart as you recite your vows... these are the moments your photographs will bring you back to over and over again.

Presence is like meditation in motion. When you give yourself the freedom of awareness, your day becomes richer, more meaningful, and more fully lived.

What to expect

Hi! I'm Christora :)

I know what it's like to be in your shoes.

10 years ago I was planning my own wedding, excited for the moments I'd experience.

It came and went, and the day became a blur of joy.

But it wasn't until my dad passed away that I began to truly comprehend how

much this day meant to me.

Remembering the piece of advice he whispered in my ear

as he gave me away still brings me chills.

Everytime I meet with a client I get to relive that moment through the photographs from the day.

It reminds me why I do what I do.


Of recognizing the big memories in the little moments.

This gift is what we offer you.

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You spend your days taking care of others, let us take care of you.

Whether you're a statement making minimalist or someone who adores over the top luxury, NOTHING is more opulent than being cared for.

As your photographer we place YOU at the center of our process.

With a penchant for playfulness, we believe that your day, and the days leading up to it are an investment into your future, and the jaw-dropping images that ensue.

You deserve that Main Character energy, boo!


Your Newest Addition To "First Thing You'd Grab In A Fire"

Your most precious sights, sounds, and sensations deserve to be celebrated EVERY SINGLE DAY.

There is POWER in print. Your images spring off the paper, magically retelling a portion of your day with each flip of the page.

Your permanent coffee table addition, our albums combine custom craftsmanship, handmade quality details and layouts that lead you through your story.

When you first get your hands on your album, you may find yourself brushing your cheek against the glorious cover; this is perfectly normal.

We do it all the time.


Whether you tie the knot in Louisville or Florida, the Dominican or Greece, you can relax knowing that each image will be more iconic than the last.

The smallest moments matter

for that forever kind of love


At Green Apple Photography we BELIEVE in the power of doing our part.

That's why a percentage of every wedding is donated to preventing Gun Violence in Schools.

As a former educator who has experienced school gun violence, Christora is extremely passionate about this cause.

To learn more or to donate yourself please follow the link below.

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