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For the Love of What it

Felt Like

Hey there, I’m Christora.

Your Louisville wedding photographer

I know what it’s like to be in your shoes. In 2012, I was planning my own wedding, excited for the moments I’d experience. The day was a blur as it came and went.

It wasn’t until my dad passed away that I began to truly comprehend how much our day meant to me. Remembering the piece of advice he whispered in my ear as he gave me away still brings me chills.

Every time I meet with a client I get to relive that moment and it reminds me why I am a wedding photographer.

For over 10 years, we have helped couples as wedding photographers throughout the southeast and beyond, relive their tender moments in the same way.

We specialize in weddings, engagements, and elopements in Kentucky

and around the Globe

Why We Stand Out Among Louisville, KY Wedding Photographers

As your wedding photographer in Louisville, we place YOU at the heart of it all. We provide unwavering support and meticulous wedding photography infused with a sense of servitude to make your wedding experience unforgettable. 


Whether barefoot or in black tie, we empower you to be fully present. Savoring each moment creates a sense that time is passing more slowly, offering you the wonder of being alive.

Granting yourself the freedom of awareness enhances your day, making it richer, more meaningful, and more fully lived.


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“Without a doubt the best in the business…” – lindsay and andrew

Louisville’s Best Wedding Venues

Discover Louisville’s hidden gems where love stories come to life. Let your journey begin in a setting as unique as your love story. Click the button below to explore the city’s most captivating wedding venues.

Why we became wedding photographers In Louisville, Kentucky.

We have always had a competitive nature, and that’s what has ignited our passion to become wedding photographers in Louisville. We wanted to be the best photographers, taking the best photographs, for the most amazing people.

Between the rich history, Kentucky horse races, bourbon, and amazing food, Louisville has kept true to itself as an All-American city offering one-of-a-kind experiences, making it one of the best places to plan a wedding! There is always something new to discover. 

Louisville really has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and we love being a part of that for each of our couples on the best day of their lives.

Louisville Wedding Packages

You deserve the absolute best – that’s why we take time getting to know all about you and what makes your love story YOURS. We don’t work with every couple who reaches out, but rather aim to figure out if we are the best choice for you.


We’re all about the results, and these couple’s kind words brought us more joy than we thought possible.

Libbie & Garrett

Louisville, KY

They had us laughing throughout with hilarious cues and jokes, making the whole experience enjoyable and light-hearted. Despite a long day of shooting, their encouragement and enthusiasm never wavered and their attention to detail and knack for finding the perfect location made us feel like all-star models. She has an incredible eye for capturing moments that are both romantic and candid, and We’re in love with every single scene she shot.

Morgan & Corey

Louisville, KY

They are the most attentive, responsive, trustworthy, and professional group you could have. Not only are the photos that they takes works of absolute art, Christora is one of the warmest people you’ll ever have the joy of meeting, as are the other photographers and assistants on her team. Booking Green Apple Photography was what made our wedding so incredible. Worth every penny and then some.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend booking us as far in advance as possible for your wedding day to ensure we have the availability to work with you. This also allows us to help you in other ways to make your experience effortless and exciting.

About 8-10 weeks after your wedding day, we meet for your Reveal Celebration. This will be the first time you see your photos, and it is absolutely worth the wait.

We do! And we love to travel all over the world for weddings. Some places we have been are the Caribbean, Iceland, Hawaii, and Ireland.

We focus solely on providing you with high quality photography that allow you to remember how your wedding day felt. However, we do work with some really great videographers who are amazing!

To avoid any disruptions, or lost moments, we are thoroughly equipped with backup cameras and equipment to ensure this concern is a non-issue for you on your wedding day.

We do have business insurance and would be happy to provide the information should your wedding venue need it.


As a former educator who has experienced school gun violence, Christora is extremely passionate about this cause.

That’s why a percentage of every wedding is donated to preventing Gun Violence in Schools.

To learn more or to donate yourself please follow the link below.

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