Allison & Spencer’s Engagement Session at Gratz Park Lexington KY

September 17, 2021

Gratz Park Lexington KY

Gratz Park has been embedded in the history of Lexington, KY for centuries, having been established in 1781, right outside the original boundaries of Lexington.

It was named after a Lexington businessman, Benjamin Gratz.

In the first years of the twentieth century, Transylvania’s Board of Trustees created a plan to subdivide the park for homes.

However, the Gratz family didn’t want the history and beauty of the park to be built over completely.

So in 1915, Anderson Gratz offered to pay $21,000 to Transylvania in hopes of keeping the northern part of the park untouched but only if the city of Lexington agreed to also pay the college an additional $10,000.

The city agreed in 1917 and the park has remained almost the same since then.

Untouched beauty and a legacy built to last–it’s no wonder Allison and Spencer chose Gratz Park as the background for their engagement session.

True love is something that everyone searches for. The kind of love that books are written about.

Love so pure and real that people can see it from miles away.

This is the kind of love ever-present with Allison and Spencer.

Once you read through their answers to the Green Apple Photography questionnaire, you’ll agree.

How did you meet?: 

The most romantic way possible — Tinder! HAHA.

Spencer was living in Somerset at the time and was up in Lexington for a Halloween party when we matched.

We quickly realized we were from the same hometown and knew a lot of the same people.

Spencer has even been friends with one of my first cousins for years!  

When/where did you go on your first date?

We had our first date back in November 2019.

I drove down to Somerset for the date and since there’s not a lot to do, we did a wild combination of things. For dinner, we went to Casa Grande, a very popular Mexican restaurant in Somerset.

We then went to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream.

We made a stop at Jarfly, a locally owned brewery in Somerset.

We didn’t want the night to end so we drove around the town for a while.

When Spencer dropped me back off at my car, he leaned in for a kiss BUT if you ask Spencer, I initiated the first kiss.

It is a hotly debated topic in our household.

Tell me a bit about how you fell in love?

Allison – I knew I was really interested in Spencer because of his style and music taste, but most importantly his sweet, gentle spirit and kind heart are both second to none.

I knew without a doubt I loved Spencer when one morning, we were eating breakfast and I shared with him the story of my oldest brother’s passing several years ago.

My brother was born with a heart defect and died on Valentine’s Day when he was only 17 years old.

It truly changed everything about my life and who I am.

Spencer was so sweet, and he cried along with me. Right there in the middle of IHOP

Spencer – For me it kind of grew organically over time in a slow burn kind of way.

I noticed more and more that any time I thought of Allison or was around her, I was feeling more and more complete.

Then one day I just knew I loved her.

She is earnest and kind.

She is who I envisioned myself being old with making dumb jokes to in our senior living facility. 

How did your fiancé propose?: 

Spencer asked me if I wanted to go on a long weekend trip to Cincinnati on Memorial Day weekend.

I was a little suspicious because he isn’t often the type to suggest going on trips.

We rented an Airbnb in Over the Rhine that was so cute!

The morning after we arrived, Spencer got up early and went to Findlay Market nearby where he bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a tiramisu cupcake.

He brought them back to the Airbnb, sat down next to me and said, “As of today, we have been together 574 days. Wanna spend a couple million more with me?” and pulled out the ring.

I was so shocked and the beautiful ring genuinely took my breath away.

It was so authentically us because it was low key and a private, cozy moment. He did it early in the day so we could ride the high of it and enjoy it all day long.

It will always be one of my most favorite memories. 

 Where/when did your fiancé propose? May 29, 2021 at our Airbnb in Cincinnati. 

What are you most excited about for your wedding? 

Allison – I am so looking forward to walking down the aisle and seeing Spencer’s reaction.

I know he will cry and I know I will cry and we’ll just stand up there blubbering our way through our vows.

I also cannot wait to celebrate with our loved ones! I’m so excited to see everyone dressed up (if they want to be!) and dancing and having a good time.

I am BEYOND thrilled to spend the day with my closest gals and have them stand beside me on the best day of my life. And the pictures!! SO MANY THINGS! 

Spencer – I really could list so many things but it’s hearing music play and looking down the aisle to my best friend walking to me. 

It’s the moment when we are there surrounded by all of these people who influenced and shaped our lives.

Our blood family who watched us physically grow up and our chosen family who grew up with us.

It’s the joining of my life with hers that I look forward to. Also the food. 

If your love story was a movie what would you title it?

Allison – Spencer’s title is so good I can’t even top it. 

Spencer – “Look at this Cat: How a grumpy old dog fell in love”

Describe your relationship in 5 words?

Allison – relaxed, loving, trusting, fun, wrestling 

Spencer – Laughing, Loving, Learning, Longing, Wrestling

What is something that means the most to both of you?

Allison – Spending time doing what we love with the people we love. 

 Spencer – The simple Saturday morning coffee and donut we share together.

What is your favorite thing about your fiancé?

Allison – I love how sweet and thoughtful Spencer is.

He will say that he isn’t thoughtful, but he absolutely is.

Spencer also consistently encourages me and makes me feel so safe and cared for. He makes me laugh (and roll my eyes) every day with his jokes.

Spencer is definitely the levelheaded, steady, and practical one in the relationship who balances out my impulsive, spontaneous, and scatterbrained tendencies. Two peas in a pod! 

Spencer – She never asks why. It is always “Why not?”

Any time I have a goal or a dream, she is the first to line up and encourage.

She has a kindness and grace that can’t be matched and I know no matter what happens in our lives, she is always going to be my number one cheerleader.

How have you grown as a couple since you started dating?

Allison – We encourage each other to be better every day and go outside of our comfort zones.

We have helped each other make important life decisions, uproot and move to a different city, and we have been able to add a whole slew of new friends and family to each other’s lives.

We learn more every day about what our needs are as individuals and as a couple. 

Spencer -She has brought out the best in me.

I am very introverted. And she has the ability to push me out of my comfort zone in the absolute best way.

Whether it’s encouraging me to seek a greater education or take up a task or hobby that I am nervous about, she is there to gracefully encourage me when I feel frantic about it all. 

Favorite Quirk about each other? 

Allison – I love when Spencer talks about things he loves.

He gets so excited and has this twinkle in his eye and spouts off so many exact details about whatever it is he’s talking about.

It’s usually about wrestling.

He can tell you about what happened to Stone Cold Steve Austin when he did a promo in March of 1997 and Bret Hart interrupted him. I don’t know exactly… I’m just making wrestling scenarios up. 

Spencer -The ability to PUT UP with my rambles.

Goodness, the amount of time I’ve gone back and explained things I love and how she is always asking questions and ready to learn more. She’s a saint. (Also that Austin/Hart feud is a masterpiece)

If you could spend 24 hours with your fiancé, what would you be doing?

Allison – I would want to have a day where we do fun things we have always wanted to do.

Like maybe watch Lizzo perform, eat a meal we could never, ever afford, get expensive tattoos… Lots of things!

But in reality, we would probably be watching Netflix or hanging out with our friends, which we also love to do! 

Spencer – Wake up and head to our favorite Donut shop for coffee and Donuts. Then go for a walk in the park.

After grab fun lunch and since we are lazy, probably end up at home and crash while watching tv (or wrestling) and then order some food in and keep the lazy day going. 

When do you feel most loved by your person?

Allison – I feel most loved by Spencer when I am going about my day, business as usual, and I catch him looking at me.

He did this on our first date, too.

The way he looks at me, I know without a doubt he loves me.

He does so much to show me he loves me and he tells me all the time, but when I catch him looking at me it brings back those first date butterflies. 

Spencer – when I am at my most vulnerable, I have nothing but love and kindness and warmth from Allison.

The moment when maybe anxiety is a little too heavy and she comes over and wraps her arms around me.

She doesn’t ask questions. She is just there. It means the world to me. 

What vendors did you wear or use for your engagement outfits?

I bought my dress from SHEIN.

The leaf barrettes were from Francesca’s.

I have had the boots for so long I can’t remember where they came from!

The necklace was one Spencer got for me from Etsy that has my grandmama’s signature engraved on it. I love it so much. 

Gratz Park Lexington KY