Anchorage Trail | Juliana & James

March 1, 2023

Anchorage Trail, Anchorage Kentucky

If you’re looking for a dreamy photo backdrop for your Kentucky engagement photos, look no further than Anchorage Trail!

This 2.1-mile trail that loops around is a favorite among walkers, hikers, runners, and bicycle riders. Taking time to slow down and take in the refreshing nature of Anchorage Trail will delight your senses and give you the most beautiful engagement photos.

Green Apple Photography met Juliana and James at Anchorage Trail in Kentucky for their engagement photos, and you’ll see as you scroll through their photos how stunning the pockets of sunshine peeking through the leaves are. If you desire that glow from the early morning or evening light, you’re going to love how the light radiates here.

Are you from the Louisville area but aren’t sure where Anchorage Trail is?

Often visitors will remark that the trail seems like a hidden gem in Anchorage and a quiet escape from the bustle of the surrounding area.

It’s so hidden, in fact, that some people say they’ve passed it for years without knowing it was there. Anchorage Trail starts off in downtown Anchorage and then meanders through trees, creeks, and farm fields.

Because the path is paved it makes a great place to explore no matter what season it is, without fear of having to trudge through mud or uneven ground.

Bring your fur babies too! The trail is open to pups and even provides doggie bags throughout the 2-mile trail so that you can easily pick up after them.

You can follow an unpaved path here to your left that will lead you and your little ones to a playground and open space perfect for family picnics and playing.

Wooden bridges stretch over wetlands where nature blooms, check out the florals, and wildlife, and see where Little Goose Creek runs to Willow Lake.

You may even find some other photo opportunities by the wooden swings off the trail as well.

If you’re visiting in the fall, perhaps consider stopping at Quill Coffee at the Louisville Free Public Library first.

Imagine strolling through the crisp autumn air with a hot beverage in your hand as you listen to the leaves fall gently to the ground while the sun streams through the trees providing little pockets of warm spots.

Pumpkins are planted and harvested each year by Evergreen Real Estate. Each year they host Papa’s Annual Pumpkin Day where Anchorage residents may each take a pumpkin for free from the beginning of the trail. You can keep an eye out for updates on Facebook where they will post the exact date each year!

When you’re done exploring the area and have had your daily dose of fresh air, drive over to The Village Anchor.

Sit by the fire and enjoy their many offerings of cocktails and cozy hearty southern food. Self-described as a ‘lively Parisian bistro greets the more traditional English pub’ the food is top notch and the ambiance is just as comforting.

There’s no doubt that by the end of the day you will find yourself back home feeling wildly content and at peace from your easy and refreshing day.

Whether you choose to visit Anchorage Trail for your own enjoyment or for the purpose of having beautiful nature-filled engagement photos, you will absolutely love this area. Enjoyable with family, friends, and solo, it just may become a year-round favorite!

Anchorage Trail | Juliana & James Anchorage Trail | Juliana & James Anchorage Trail | Juliana & James Anchorage Trail | Juliana & James Anchorage Trail | Juliana & James