Falls of the Ohio

Kela Jo and Jared’s Falls of the Ohio Engagement Session Louisville KY 2020

Falls of the Ohio Louisville KY

One of my favorite things about meeting a couple is to see how they end up making a location look even better.

That’s exactly what happened with Kela Jo and Jared at the Falls of the Ohio.

Their incredible engagement photos really speak to who they are; goofy, fun, and completely in love.

How They Met 

Kela Jo and Jared travel to see music festivals all over the country.

Their favorite place we have been together is Suwanee Music Park in FL.

It’s the most magical place ever and where they fell in love at Hulaween Music Festival.

They had been to many festivals together as friends the 6 years before that, but it was the place our love turned from love to in love.

The Proposal 

Such an exciting story.  When Kela Jo moved back from Florida, she was lucky enough to inherit her father’s childhood home from her grandmother.

Kela Jo’s favorite is the Dominican and Jared’s is the Gorge in WA. That was where Jared wanted to purpose.

They were supposed to go see his favorite band play there for nights in July but COVID-19 cancelled all their music fun for the summer.

Instead of heading to the music festivals, Jared moved in so they could be together.

One morning, after a night of sign alongs and just another night of pure bliss, Kela Jo was making breakfast.

She turned around and Jared dropped to one knee.

Easiest yes she had ever said.

The Engagement Session

I loved this couple so much.  When they got out of their car at Falls of the Ohio you could just tell that they wanted to have fun with their photos.

Kela Jo immediately asked for silly photos with a touch of elegance.

We wandered the tree trunks and edges of the Ohio River, finding location after location that just made them look better and better.

I couldn’t love this couple more and cannot wait for their wedding celebration in May!

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