Attention Louisville couples looking for an outdoor wedding venue, the Gardens at Ray Eden might be exactly what you’re looking for!

Gardens at Ray Eden, Louisville Kentucky

Image taken from Gardens of Ray Eden Website

There are two things that Gardens at Ray Eden have that are high on the Green Apple Photography list for wedding venues. The first thing is you can have your ceremony and reception at the same place. The second thing is you get to have an element of the outdoors on your wedding day!

Gardens at Ray Eden lets you have nothing but the outdoors on your wedding day, which for some has been their lifelong dream. We totally get it! It’s great when you can have a ceremony or cocktail hour outside, but those who thrive in the fresh air and appreciate being close to nature don’t want to have to pack up and head indoors during the part of the day that makes the lights outside twinkle!

This nature-filled wedding venue is both bare-bones and top-notch. What we mean by that is, you get to design the wedding of your dreams in the most simplistic way possible. If you’ve imagined an intimate backyard wedding but don’t know anyone who could host an event like this, then Gardens at Ray Eden is your next best bet.

This whimsical outdoor wedding event space has a 4.6 rating on The Knot and a 4.8 rating on Google. And if there’s one thing that’s for certain, numbers don’t lie. Couples and their guests love the lush surrounding of florals and vegetation that encapsulate the space making you feel like you’re in a private secret garden.

Even wedding photographers joined in on the reviews to boast about the stunning backdrops at each angle. There’s no shortage of breathtaking verdant greenery that will transform your wedding photos as you look back, instantly taking you back to the most special day of your life.

If you’re curious about the history of Gardens at Ray Eden, it was actually once a private residence! The original home, which is currently 122 years old, is still standing on this 14-acre estate. You will even see remains of a log cabin home from the 1800s that were partially used when the now standing cottage was built.

Since 1990, landscapers have consistently worked on site, taking meticulous care of the gardens, making them the pristine and ethereal concept you see today. You will be greeted by a spring-fed lake, nursery, and a variety of trees and shrubs, many of which are part of the gardens themselves.

Today there are quite a few coordinated garden areas that are each distinctive in their own way. There’s the Koi Pond Garden Area, Lilly Pond Garden — with perennials! — Old Courtyard Gardens, and Shade Gardens.

A beautiful old-stone water fountain sits at the center of the drive and ties the ambiance together, with the main house surrounded by dry stacked stone walls. In the summer months, you can enjoy several dozen perennials in bloom, which were strategically planted so that you experience a new bloom almost every month.

According to the Gardens at Ray Eden website, the most magnificent time to delight in these blooms would be June for the day Lilly beds, and July when there are over 85 varieties in bloom. Because of the outdoor nature of this wedding venue, they only book weddings from May through October, which coincidentally is exactly when the blooms are at their most noteworthy!

Located on-site at Gardens at Ray Eden you can rent the paved pergola for your reception and cocktail hour. The pergola has a permanent roof so it can withstand any unexpected bouts of rain. The ceiling of the pergola is adorned with glass bulbs that hang throughout, giving you that cozy and intimate radiance you want for the evening portion of your wedding.

Couples will like the separate getting-ready spaces. For the bride and her party, there is a bridal suite complete with kitchenette. For the groom and his party, a “Garage Cave” is available with all the essentials.

There is ample parking on-site for guests and the restrooms are ADA-accessible. There are a few other elements you can rent but one of the perks must be that, unlike most wedding venues, Gardens at Ray Eden allow guests to complete clean-up and removal of items the following morning. Of course, make sure you double-check the policy if you are wanting to do this, but many reviews shared how helpful it was to them to not have to worry about it at the end of the night.

Gardens at Ray Eden Accommodations

-They have several garden rooms to choose from
-Permanently covered pergola for receptions adorned with market lights
-Bridal suite with kitchenette
-Groom garage “cave” with stereo

Noteworthy Features

-There are no on-site planners, catering, or tables so you will need to arrange this externally
-There are padded white chairs available to rent
-Refinished whisky barrels and other elements available to rent
-There is a suggested vendor list on request

Gardens at Ray Eden Pricing & Collections

-Here the pricing is dependent on the number of guests
130 guests: rental is $5,995
131-230 guests: rental is $6,995

Request more information here.

Awards & Accolades

We will allow for self-awarded accolades here, Gardens at Ray Eden proclaim to be the only true fully outdoor wedding venue in the Louisville area.

Available to Rent

As previously mentioned, there isn’t a lot to rent. Instead of a list of what they have to rent (Chairs and whisky barrels) Gardens at Ray Eden provides a list of things you’d need to rent on your own: Catering services, Tables and tablecloths, Florist, a DJ, Photographer, and Wedding Coordinator to name the biggest ones.


While it is a bummer to have to outsource a lot of your own rentals, we still think the affordability and setting of the Gardens at Ray Eden are worth it. It truly would feel like a magical backyard wedding, except you won’t have to kick everyone out of your house at the end of the night when it’s time to go. So that’s also a win.


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