Becca and Bryan’s Wedding at Gingerwoods

March 25, 2020

Gingerwoods Event Hall – Louisville Kentucky

How  They Met 

Bryan and Becca grew up in neighborhoods just a few miles away from one another. They went to all the same schools from Bowen Elementary all the way through to Ballard High School but they didn’t start hanging out until they were in Latin class and jazz band together.

Staying friends through the last years of high school, Becca went off to college a year before Bryan to the University of Kentucky, they lost touch for a bit. When Bryan started at the UK the following fall, they reconnected as friends, ending up at the same events many evenings.

The following semester, Becca transferred to Bellarmine never thinking much about leaving the massiveness of the UK behind. She found a job at a local hardware store and one day, the following summer, Bryan came in to apply for a job.

They both mentioned that they should hang out soon and set their first date (though neither of them was entirely sure if it was a date or not). Bry didn’t get the job but ended up with the girl instead. After a summer of dating, they were inseparable.

The Proposal

When Bryan proposed, he planned a trip for the two of them to one of Becca’s favorite cities, Washington DC.  Their plane was delayed, so they didn’t get to their hotel until 4 am.  Dropping their suitcases they headed out for a  private Pentagon tour.

After the tour, they headed to the National Mall, walking the distance from the Capitol building to the WWII memorial. They were enjoying the sun and the view of the fountain when Bryan suddenly asked Becca to close her eyes and put out her hand. He put the ring in her hand and asked her to marry him. She cried like a baby, unable to get the words out, hugging him instead. He later asked, “that means yes, right?”

When it came to planning their wedding they wanted a location with space for an outdoor ceremony and a rustic, elegant indoor reception. Gingerwoods banquet hall was the perfect solution.  Having just bought a house they agreed that Bryan and his guys would get ready there while Becca would spend the night before at her parents before heading to Joseph’s Salon with her maids to prepare.

The Big Day

Opting for a romantic first look, both Becca and Bryan wanted their bridal party and their parents to participate. Finding the trees of Tom Sawyer Park mesmerizing, we chose to meet there.  When Bryan saw Becca in her Rebecca’s dress, his eyes filled with tears and the genuine joy of getting to marry his best friend was all over his face.

Around four we headed back to Gingerwoods to hideaway before the ceremony.  During that time, my second photographer snagged a photo of two groomsmen drinking Miller Lite; the photo can be found on their website!

Judge McKay Chauvin, dressed in a Dashiki robe, asked everyone to stand for the bride.  Becca giddily walked down the aisle toward her soulmate.  Halfway through the ceremony, as Bryan went to place the Davis Jewelers ring on Becca’s finger, it wouldn’t budge.

Becca’s resulting laughter had the entire audience cracking up as well.  Judge Chauvin made it official, they kissed, and while walking back down the aisle of Gingerwoods yard, Bryan burst into happy tears.  He couldn’t believe this was his wife!


Entering the reception, the couple danced their first dance to Come Fly with Me, complete with a dip at the end.  Becca and Bryan even took dance lessons at Shall We Dance to ensure the perfect beginning to their marriage.  Dinner from Mark’s Feed Store was served and then came time for the toasts.

In the most unique best man toast, we have seen to date, Bryan’s best man, Chris Racque, had played a massive game of MadLibs with all of Bryan’s friends to complete the speech.  The hilarity and joyfulness it ensued were entertaining for sure.  As comedic as the Best Man’s speech was, the Maid of Honor was equally emotional.

The dancing continued as Becca and Bryan snuck away to the fields outside Gingerwoods to take the perfect sunset photo. We are so grateful to have met these two lovebirds we now consider some of our best friends.  Thank you for having us in your lives and thank you for hosting such an elegant, timeless affair.

Venue: Gingerwood Event Hall
Dress and Veil: Rebecca’s
Hair and Makeup:  Joseph’s Salon
Rings: Davis Jewelers
Shoes: Kate Spade
CateringMark’s Feed Store
DJComplete Weddings
Groom’s Suit: Suit Supply
Officiant: Judge McKay Chauvin
Groomsmen SuitsMen’s Wearhouse
Bridesmaid DressesDavid’s Bridal