Gratz Park | Mica & Amanda Anniversary

February 21, 2023

Gratz Park Lexington, Kentucky

Gratz Park in Lexington Kentucky borders the beautiful Transylvania College.

If you haven’t experienced Gratz Park for yourself, be sure to add it to your list. You don’t need a photo shoot to visit. Stroll the walkway paths under a canopy of shady trees. Enjoy a picnic on the green. Meditate by the streaming fountain.

When you visit Gratz Park you will be experiencing one of the oldest neighborhoods in Lexington. There are even two homes that are open for visitors, so be sure to check out Bodley Bullock House and Hopemont House.

It’s a unique experience to get to learn about a park that you may have passed hundreds of times in your life. Gratz Park was named for one of its first residents, Benjamin Gratz, who purchased the home on the corner of New and Mill Streets.

Benjamin negotiated a deal with the city to make a generous donation if the city would protect the green space in this neighborhood. After much back and forth the city agreed and we have Benjamin Gratz to thank today for this continued oasis in the middle of the bustling city.

You really will feel transported to another time and place tucked away in this small block of the city, you may even catch glimpses of the city buildings peeking through breaks in the trees.

The colorful century-old historical homes surrounding Gratz Park make the picture-perfect backdrop for today’s anniversary photo shoot. You may recognize Mica and Amanda from their Green Apple Photography wedding photos we shared last year.

Their love is still as vibrant as it was all those days ago and we’re so excited to share their anniversary photos with you today!

 Gratz Park | Mica & Amanda Anniversary  Gratz Park | Mica & Amanda Anniversary