Hazelnut Farms | Anna & Zach

Hazelnut Farms | Anna & Zach

Hazelnut Farm, Fisherville, Kentucky

Over 40 acres of rolling green hills surround Hazelnut Farm in Fisherville, Kentucky. This charming wedding venue will blow you away with its warm ambiance!

If you’re looking for a venue that can be both regal and rustic, elegant and cozy, you will absolutely love Hazelnut Farm. Some reviews even say they wish they could get married again at Hazelnut Farm, so this is a truly great sign.

On the day of your wedding, you can enjoy endless choices of beautiful spots to take your photos, such as looking over the private lake.

And when you’re not outside capturing the perfect moments, you can bring the outside in, with floor-to-ceiling french doors, which will give your guests stunning views no matter what season you choose to get married in.

The beautiful interior welcomes you with glimmering glass chandeliers, brick accent walls, and wooden accents. Keeping a barnlike feel but in an extremely elevated way.

While you dance the night away in the luxury ballroom, you will feel right at home surrounded by unique and thoughtful characteristics.

When you get ready to gather for your exit photos, the bright market string lights will put the final touches on an already extraordinary day. Would you choose sparklers or confetti or just embrace the elements that are already there?

Perhaps one of the coolest things about Hazelnut Farm is that they offer overnight accommodations. Can you imagine the day before or the day of your wedding, not having to stress about timing because you are already where you needed to be? It’s the perks of a destination wedding, without having to bring your passport!

We don’t mean to pick favorites, but they even have a resort-style pool deck. Truly there are so many details that make this place a winning wedding venue.

Now we love to dig into the history of a place. It’s so fun to hear the story about how a place has changed or grown over the years. We’re also big fans of when venues are repurposed from something else.

You’ll find it interesting to know that Hazlenut Farm once was overgrown and deer were living in the basement of the main farmhouse! The owners wanted to put an emphasis on embracing Kentucky’s roots while giving couples a formal ballroom-like setting.

You can see that it’s come a long way since it was lovingly taken over by its current owners.

All of these characteristics just add to the beauty that was Anna and Zach’s wedding.

As you look through the photos you will feel the love and joy that overflowed into the room that day. We’re so happy that Green Apple Photography was able to be there to celebrate and capture their special day.

Hazelnut Farms | Anna & Zach Hazelnut Farms | Anna & Zach Hazelnut Farms | Anna & Zach Hazelnut Farms | Anna & Zach Hazelnut Farms | Anna & Zach Hazelnut Farms | Anna & Zach

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