Hazelnut Farm

Hooray! You’re looking for a Louisville area wedding venue and you’ve come to the Hazelnut Farm page. You are going to absolutely fall in love with this simple yet stunning wedding venue option!

Hazelnut Farm

Hazelnut Farm is a roughly 40-acre private property in Wilsonville, KY within a 25-minute drive from Louisville.

This event venue has merited raving reviews from past couples and their family for the tremendous care they received from their wedding experience at Hazelnut Farm.

Within those shining testimonials, there are a number of recurring themes.

Location, aesthetics, accommodations, and the property and event staff, to name a few.

Perhaps the most note-worthy element to Hazelnut Farm for couples planning their big day is the ability to make your dream wedding come true with relative ease. And when it comes to planning a wedding, that’s no small feat.

Hazelnut Farm offers a wide variety of ways to configure event spaces and if you choose to have an outdoor wedding, this is great news because there are plenty of places to have a backup rain space. And you wouldn’t be settling or feeling disappointed because each space is so uniquely beautiful, it will honestly be hard to choose which spaces you want in the first place!

When you choose outdoor settings for your wedding day, you’ll find there’s no shortage of dream-worthy backdrops. You can choose to say “I do” in front of the private pond filled with koi fish or under the covered patio that provides the shade and cooling of being indoors, while also still outdoors.

The gardens on the grounds are strategically planted in rounds, so that spring through fall something is always in bloom. We love that this can help couples choose a wedding that best represents their favorite season, without sacrificing due to seasonal changes.

In the spring, daffodils and tulips bloom throughout Hazelnut Farm, filling the air with their sweet perfume, and invigorating the air with the excitement of new beginnings.

In the summer, roses, peonies, and hydrangeas have their moment, bringing color and lush life to long extended summer days.

Come fall, the trees do their dance, turning colors as if a giant paintbrush swept along their leaves creating a harmony of colors.

But don’t worry, even if winter is your preferred season to tie the knot, the property is surrounded by cascading evergreens which is going to make your photos really pop. Especially if you get a dusting or more of snow!

What’s more incredible is the way Hazelnut Farm accommodates each season, like firepits and heaters for those crisp autumn days. Rumor even has it you can break out the s’mores for this!

The last thing you need to know about the outdoor property is that there are unlimited places to take magazine-worthy wedding photos. There’s a private little island in the pond that you access from a cute footbridge. There’s a wooden tree swing that overlooks the rolling hills of the property. The pond itself has a dock that sits adjacent to the water fountain in the middle.

Or steer away from the more prominent spots and use the old smokehouse that is an original to the property. There’s a gravel path that leads away from the property that is lined with lavender and evergreens that provides a serene backdrop away from wedding guests.

You’ll also find the gardens, fountains, and open-air patio to be a perfect escape giving you a few minutes of quiet serenity to yourselves. This is something many wedding venues lack, and we love that you can get so much here and it’s all entirely yours for the day.

And now that we’ve talked about the outdoors – let’s talk about the indoors.

Some words to describe how guests would describe walking into Hazelnut Farm for the first time are warm, inviting, elegant, classy, and understated.

Like the great outdoors, the indoor facility can be arranged however you like, and you even have the option of separating the room into different spaces to create a ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception space.

The main room is classy meets country, with a brick wall that reaches to the arched pine wood ceiling and is adorned with three crystal glass chandeliers that waterfall down the center of the room. At the head of the room is a fireplace that adds to the ambiance in those cooler months. Above the fireplace is a mirror that stretches to the ceiling drawing your eyes up and making the space feel even more expansive.

What we love is nothing is overdone, which means your wedding can truly be one-of-a-kind. Make it your own with decorations and florals and table arrangements, and know that no two weddings at Hazelnut Farm are the same.

When it comes to the staff at Hazelnut Farm, they know what they’re doing. They will walk you through the details of your wedding and what is included – spoiler alert: it’s a lot! – and help you to find vendors to complete the day.

Especially noteworthy is that the price you get, is the price it is. There are no additional charges to use their gold Chiavari chairs, tables, dressing suites, heaters, etc. They even offer table numbers, gift card boxes, ceremony arbors, and easels to help make your day that much easier.

A fun feature they include is an audio guestbook via a vintage phone! When the wedding is over you will receive the audio recording from your guests, something you can cherish forever.

Lastly, we should mention the exciting option couples have to stay on property! There is a small private house on the property that can sleep up to 10, with carefully selected elements so that your getting-ready photos are just as great as your wedding photos. Couples can hire a chef to come in and prepare meals in the private home, giving an extra intimate space where you can really relax because you’re already where you need to be!

Oh, and it has a pool. So really, what more could you even need?!

Hazelnut Farm has really made sure your wedding day is intentionally thought out and exactly what you would want it to be which makes it truly special.


As of 2023 pricing for Hazelnut Farm is:
Monday through Thursday: $4,500-$6,000
Friday: $7,500-$10,500
Saturday: $8,500-$11,500
Sunday: $7,000-$10,000

One thing to note is that Hazelnut Farm requires you to hire a wedding coordinator or planner. You can use their on-site services for an additional fee.

Pricing for Hazelnut Farm can be found on their website here.

Available to Rent:

Linen rentals, planning services, and overnight home rental.


Check out the Hazelnut Farm website here.


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