Looking for a mansion in the Louisville area for your big wedding day? Hurstbourne Country Club is beautiful and a total charmer!

Hurstbourne Country Club, Louisville Kentucky

Hurstbourne Country Club Bridal Party

Located about 15 minutes east of downtown Louisville, you’ll find Hurstbourne Country Club situated on 211 acres of lush green grass. As you can guess by the name, this is the site for sought-after members-only golfing.

You’ll never believe it by looking at it, but this luxe mansion actually started as a small farmhouse which was built in 1854. It was expanded into a mansion before the 1920s before it was converted into a country club in 1966. This 30,000 sq ft clubhouse has since been named by Architectural Digest as the Most Beautiful in the state of Kentucky.

You would think that fact alone was enough to make this spot as notable as it is, but Hurstbourne Country Club is also the only club in the city with 27 holes of golf which is also easily accessible from all parts of the city. So as it goes, if one or both of you are active in the sport of golf, this will make a remarkable wedding venue for obvious reasons.

But what if we told you this wasn’t even the best part? The real showstopper has to be the breathtaking chapel wall that is located just off the first hole on the Executive Golf Course. You may see this chapel wall and think it feels otherworldly and that’s because it is! Originally this chapel wall was actually part of a church in Europe that was brought over to the Hurstbourne Country Club.

We would love to tell you how this all came together but much to our dismay there’s not a whole lot of history listed on this. We can only imagine it was quite the feat to transport something of that stature across the ocean and then to Kentucky.

These stone arches are so remarkable they are primarily the central focal point for outdoor ceremonies, which coincidentally happens to be a perfect location to watch the sunset cascading through the towering pines as you say your vows. You simply must see it to believe how stunning it actually is!


The interior rooms at Hurstbourne Country Club exude a level of mystery, making it hard to find any information on their website or through Google. If there’s one thing we could speculate though, it’s that the interior is steeped in the same old-world charm you’d expect. We know that there’s at least one room with a rich wood ceiling which adds to the excitement of it all.

It’s no surprise this place is kept a mystery though… in order to have a wedding at Hurstbourne Country Club it’s said that you will need to either be a member or find a member to sponsor your event. Don’t let that derail you though! We think if you fall in love with this spot, it’s worth it to post on Facebook looking for a connection. Ask around. You never know how your network may expand and people honestly love helping other people’s dreams come true!

And in the worst case, we recommend reaching out to the Hurstbourne Country Club via email anyways. We technically couldn’t find this information on their website anywhere, so you never know when rules may become lax. It’s totally worth just asking — the worst they can say is no. Don’t let this stop you!

We have tried to think of a season that could out-swing the rolling green hills of this stunning golf course in the middle of summer. With an expansive sky view that stretches as far as the eye can see, it’s not an easy feat. If we had to choose, we’d say that fall at Hurstbourne Country Club could possibly give summer a run for its money.

Imagine the old-stone walls shrouded in a low mist, the fog leaving a gentle dew everywhere it touches. The trees are alive painting little happy trees with pops of yellow, red, and orange throughout. The scene feels like it’s right out of a movie set.

We’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth noting here that there is something so sweet and easy when you can have your ceremony and reception all on the same site. There’s a simplicity of having all your people in one space that helps slow down the overwhelm and allows you to savor your day bit by bit. Never having to worry about anyone shuffling about from one venue to the next.

What do you think? Can you see yourself getting married in this regal and mysterious place?

Awards & Accolades

Hurstbourne Country Club was named by Architectural Digest as the Most Beautiful in the state of Kentucky.

Their 18-hole Championship Course has hosted many big events, including US Open Local Qualifiers.

Noteworthy Features

When you book an event at Hurstbourne Country Club you will have the ease of working with their on-site team for catering and event coordinators. Whenever a venue has an in-house team you can be sure that they have a well-oiled system for making sure everything is exactly perfect and goes off without a hitch!

Pricing & Collections

As we mentioned, this place is verryyyy elusive. But that doesn’t mean it’s off-limits. Pricing wasn’t accessible on their websites, but it’s common for venues to not list their prices. You can reach out through their online inquiry form here.

Available to Rent

We couldn’t find any specific information on Hurstbourne Country Club’s website, so reach out to them to request a full listing of what’s available to rent so you can plan all the details of your wedding day!

Want to read more about Hurstbourne Country Club? Check out their website here to read their detailed history of the site and what you can expect for your event.

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