Kentucky Derby Festival Balloon Glow | Mike & Megan

July 18, 2022

Kentucky Derby Festival Balloon Glow, Louisville Kentucky

Every year since living in Louisville, Kentucky, Christora has wanted to go down for the Kentucky Derby Festival Balloon Glow.

With rain, Covid, and a plethora of other reasons this was the first year she was able to head there – and it turned out some of her brides wanted to participate as well!

If you haven’t been to the kentucky derby festival great balloon festival you must add it to your list!

This fun festival is great for all ages in the daytime or at night! Immerse yourself in the magic of walking through all the balloons and chatting with the balloon pilots, learning all about these magnificent joy makers.

At night the balloons are lifted into the air where they are synchronized to twinkle with music.

The Kentucky Derby Festival Balloon Glow kicks off the festivities with the following morning by hosting balloon races!

If you want a special view while watching these glowing twinkling orbs, check out this Balloon Glow Sunset Cruise.

Today’s Green Apple Photography couple are Mike and Megan, not only did they meet us at the Kentucky Derby Festival Balloon Glow but they are also sharing some sweet engagement thoughts with us today.

How did you meet?:

We began talking through social media and we go to the same church.  

When/where did you go on your first date?

Our first date we went bowling and then out for tacos. It was during stricter Covid policy so Michael called around and found a restaurant that had outdoor seating with heaters to make sure I would be warm! We were having so much fun we decided to keep hanging out and walk around the mall. 

Tell me a bit about how you fell in love?   

I fell in love in the little moments. I remember one night he pulled out his record player and while it played, he grabbed me and we danced in the basement to Frank Sinatra. We started doing everything together and the more ordinary things became an adventure and the best time ever. Things as simple as a run to Target.  

 I knew 100% without a doubt I loved Michael when I was upset about something I really cannot remember what, but I was out and called him upset. He came and met me where I was and not only talked to me but prayed with me. He has always been there for me when I needed him and he somehow always knows what I need even when I don’t.  

Where/when did your fiancé propose?

He proposed at the Waterfront Park. It was fall and the trees looked amazing! He told me we should go to the park because he had the day off. He told me to dress nice because he wanted to take me out for a nice dinner after. We walked and saw the Belle of Louisville on the river. We walked back to a pretty area with trees and I saw a couple with a baby taking pictures. Michael suggested we cut through and I found it odd but went along with it. He stopped me right in the tree line and hugged me. He dropped his jacket and I realized what was happening as I saw him opening the ring box. He got on his knee and ask me to marry him, and I of course said yes! The couple taking photos were there for us and captured the moment! It was perfect! 

What are you most excited about for your wedding? 

I am so excited to see him when I am walking down the aisle that will be such a special moment. I am also so excited to dance and celebrate with the people we love. Our family and friends are so important to us and have helped us in so many ways I just know it will be such a fun and memorable day! 

If your love story was a movie what would you title it? 

How I Met My Best Friend 

Describe your relationship in 5 words?  

Silly, Supportive, Spontaneous, Christian, and Joyful 

What is something that means the most to both of you?   

Our faith is the most important thing to both of us and has been the foundation of our relationship.  

What is your favorite thing about your fiancé?  

He always makes me laugh. No matter the situation we always find something to laugh about. 

Favorite Quirk about each other?  

Michael’s favorite quirk is Megan’s laugh it is super loud and make him feel good and laugh even more.  

Megan’s favorite quirk about Michael is when he makes up random funny songs about whatever we are doing.  

If you could spend 24 hours with your fiancé, what would you be doing? 

I would start the day by going for a walk. Then do something like going to a museum or the zoo. We love watching movies so I would end the day watching some of our favorite movies in Michael’s home theater.  

When do you feel most loved by your person? 

I feel most loved when he does acts of service. He goes out and fixes my car or takes care of tasks that I don’t really want to without me asking.   

What was your favorite photo from the shoot? 

I love the black and white one were he’s picking me up and swinging me around – something so magical! 

Kentucky-Derby-Festival-Balloon-Glow-Engagement-Megan-Mike Kentucky-Derby-Festival-Balloon-Glow-Engagement-Megan-Mike Kentucky-Derby-Festival-Balloon-Glow-Engagement-Megan-Mike Kentucky-Derby-Festival-Balloon-Glow-Engagement-Megan-Mike Kentucky-Derby-Festival-Balloon-Glow-Engagement-Megan-Mike Kentucky-Derby-Festival-Balloon-Glow-Engagement-Megan-Mike