Kyla & Shane’s Sanctuary Cap Cana Wedding Punta Cana Dominican Republic March 2021

April 11, 2021

Sanctuary Cap Cana Dominican Republic

Sanctuary Cap Cana is an oasis unlike any other.  An all inclusive resort in the heart of Punta Cana, architectural wonders and calming energy awaits.

For Kyla and Shane, it was just what they needed.  Sanctuary Cap Cana Punta Cana Dominican Republic

After having planned on having their dream wedding in Barbados, they quickly had to pivot and switch their plans due to COVID shutting down any entry into the country until March 1st, two days before their wedding.

They weren’t going to risk that.  Sanctuary Cap Cana Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Having traveled to Sanctuary before, they knew that the options were endless, and Kyla immediately had her heart set on being married in the Castle Island Suite.

The 2500 square foot room hosts a hot tub fit for twelve, two pools and two bedrooms along with a patio which leads out to a sliver of land laden with palm trees overlooking the ocean.

It was there that Kyla said her forevers to the man she knew would always be hers.

A photographer’s dream, the buildings alone created epic imagery, but factor in Kyla and Shane’s love for each other and the elegance and romance of their gorgeous wedding portraits truly popped.

We asked them a bit about their day and here’s what Kyla had to say 🙂

What was the most anticipated part of your wedding day for you?

I think just seeing how it all came together.  After months of planning a destination wedding at a resort, we found out they would be closing and unavailable for our date.  Changing to another resort and repicking everything in 4 weeks at another resort was stressful. Recommendations made by planner on-site were so helpful for us.  It was all perfection they made my dreams and ideas happen just like I’d been there beside them picking all along!  Was the best possible outcome!  Sanctuary Cap Cana Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Did anything unexpected happen? What was the outcome?

I think our only ooof moment was when we realized that when we left our room it was a straight visual shot to the spa where we were having hair and makeup done.  Luckily our photographer and officiant realized this immediately and kept my groom’s attention anytime he left the room.

Were you nervous? How did you squash those nerves?

Not at all, but if I had needed something the mimosas at the spa were heavenly!

What song did you walk down the aisle to?

“Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

We just really want to travel, hence the destination wedding!  We both have stressful jobs on different shifts so traveling is our time to really relax and enjoy our time together.

What was your wedding inspiration?

We really just wanted a very simple, laid back, elegant ceremony! That’s just who we are.

What’s your wedding song and the significance?

Seeing as how this was a destination wedding during a pandemic a lot of the traditions we didn’t follow. No first dance, bouquet or garter throw.  It was very intimate only us, our best friends, our photographer, and officiant, which was all we needed for a beautiful evening!

What advice do you have for anyone getting married?

Enjoy your day, relax, step back and take it all in.  Find the beauty in every moment even if something isn’t going right.  Laugh, love, and relish the time with those dearest to you that are sharing in the moment with you.  Hug, kiss, cry, celebrate till you can’t anymone!!!

How did you feel at the end of the day?

It was by far the most beautiful and joyous day the good Lord could have provided us!!  The whole experience was a dream and the pictures speak for that!

 Sanctuary Cap Cana Punta Cana Dominican Republic

We are so grateful for our new forever friends and can’t wait to see and celebrate year after year with them.


Venue: Sanctuary Cap Cana, Dominican Republic
Photographer:  Green Apple Photography
Dress: Stella by Made with Love
Tux: Men’s Palm Beach Brock Classic-Fit Linen Suit Jacket – Kohl’s
Rings: Family heirloom with help of Jared
Florals: Sanctuary Cap Cana
Jewelry: Jewelry was all passed down from my grandmother with exception of my earrings, my something blue, gifted from groom.
Shoes: I was barefoot, groom wore Olukai
Officiant: Chris Osters
Hair and Makeup: Spa at Sanctuary Cap Cana
DJ: Happy Boy


Kyla-Shane-Sanctuary-Cap-Cana-Wedding-Dominican-Republic Kyla-Shane-Sanctuary-Cap-Cana-Wedding-Dominican-Republic Kyla-Shane-Sanctuary-Cap-Cana-Wedding-Dominican-Republic Kyla-Shane-Sanctuary-Cap-Cana-Wedding-Dominican-Republic Kyla-Shane-Sanctuary-Cap-Cana-Wedding-Dominican-Republic Kyla-Shane-Sanctuary-Cap-Cana-Wedding-Dominican-Republic