St James Ct Engagement Session | Kayla & Anthonie

St James Ct Louisville KY

St. James Court, nestled in Old Louisville is one of our all time favorite places to photograph engagement sessions at.

With the old architecture and the stunning fountain, it’s hard not to love St. James Court.

Having originated in 1887 after the Southern Exposition of Art, Industry and Agriculture closed down after a five year run, St. James Court has been an integral part of Louisville’s history.

Its famous fountain has been in the center of St. James Court since the 1970s.

St. James Court also hosts an annual art show called The St. James Court Art Show.

The St. James Court Art Show takes place the first weekend in October and has been since 1957.

Here, surrounded by some of Old Louisville‘s oldest architecture, Kayla and Anthonie had their engagement session.

Kayla-Anthonie-St-James-Ct-Louisville-KYKayla-Anthonie-St-James-Ct-Louisville-KY Kayla-Anthonie-St-James-Ct-Louisville-KY Kayla-Anthonie-St-James-Ct-Louisville-KY Kayla-Anthonie-St-James-Ct-Louisville-KY

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