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Eli & Elise The Talon Event Barn Wedding

Eli and Elise have the sweetest love story to share with us. They chose to have their special day at the Talon Event Barn, but their story starts years before.

You are going to fall in love with this couple through their responses to our Green Apple Photography questionnaire. When you see their photos you’ll also feel the immense joy and love that Elise and Eli share for each other. We could not be happier for them to begin their journey together!

Enjoy their wonderful love story as told through Elise.

How did you meet?

We met during our freshman year of high school. At this time, Elise noticed Eli right away. We went a whole year before even having a full conversation, but Elise knew it was meant to be right away! 

When/where did you go on your first date?

We went on our first date during our sophomore basketball homecoming in February 2016. Eli asked me to the dance after flirting with me the whole game while I was cheerleading and then asked me the next day with a sign that said “I would break into a million pieces without you at homecoming” and my favorite candy, Reese’s pieces.

Tell me a bit about how you fell in love?

For Elise, it was almost instant. I can remember the first time I really saw Eli (it was right after he got his braces off) and it was like a movie. I felt like we were the only people in the room. It felt like my soul loved him. A year later, when we began talking, it was like the puzzle pieces fell into place. He was what I was missing and after 2 weeks of just texting him, I knew he was the person I was meant to be with. He made me a better person and heal from so much trauma I had in my past and loved me through it. While I felt those feelings at the very beginning, it wasn’t until he introduced me to his family and church that I not only began to love God but love him as a husband and I knew we would last.

For Eli, it was a couple months after we had started dating. He was by the stairwell in his house, I had just texted him asking what his plans were for the day and love had struck him. He texted me a lyric from the Four Tops, “Sugar pie honeybunch, you know that I Love you.” From that day forward he showed me how much he loved each day. He’s not the emotional type, so I knew that day that he really meant it.

How did your spouse propose?

We were back home from college for the weekend. 

After dinner one night, we were headed to his house to hang out but when we got there the door was locked. He called his mom and she said she was at the church setting up for Easter service.

We walked into the offices at the church greeted by his parents. 

Eli started showing me around the newly remodeled church. We walked through the back hallway that leads up to the stage. As we walk on to the stage, the auditorium was pitch black. He said a corny line, “You know the church installed clap on lights in here.”

He clapped his hands, and the lights came on.

My suspicions grew high as I felt that what I had dreamed of my whole life was about to happen. The lights barely illuminated the auditorium, but he was able to point out the new sound panels on the walls. He hoped to get me to turn around long enough for him to get down on one knee, but I was turning too fast. He made up something else to point out so he could. He did and I turned around, shocked. I immediately started to tear up. He started off with a sweet line about how many seconds we had been together.

I found out after, but he was so nervous that he forgot everything else that he was going to say for the most part after that. He then brought it back full circle as he pulled Reese’s Pieces out off his back pocket, saying “I would crumble into a million pieces if you don’t marry me.”

He then said a few more things, and then pulled a Ring Pop out of his sleeve.

I had mentioned many times over our relationship that I would be fine with him proposing with a Ring Pop.

Pulling it out, he said that “Oh that’s not the right ring” and he reached into his other sleeve, pulling out the ring box, finally asking me the big question, “Elise Nicole Jez, will you marry me?”.

Of course, I said yes. A few seconds after I hugged and kissed him, clapping from the seats started and the lights came on, as it revealed our friends and family sitting in the seats watching the whole thing. 

What is something that means the most to both of you?

Always being in each other’s corner. During our relationship and premarital counseling, we had some ups and downs and we realized how much it meant to us to be there for each other no matter what and put each other first. So much so that, even though we decided to do traditional vows, our pastor (who has known us since we began dating) added this to our vows. We live by it every day.

What was the most anticipated part of your wedding day for you both?

The moment I walked down the aisle. It was the first time Eli had seen me and it was the most anticipated part for sure since the song was meaningful and we both knew we’d be weeping.

Did anything unexpected happen? What was the outcome?

The rain was probably the most unexpected! However, it wasn’t a long rain but enough for us to just have some time for us and Christora to capture some amazing photos and have time as newlyweds.

Were you nervous? How did you squash those nerves?

Neither of us were nervous. Sure, we had butterflies, but we had been waiting for this day since we were 16 and knew it was going to go perfectly, even when things “aren’t”. I feel like us taking time to read letters to each other right before we walked down the aisle helped calm our pre-wedding butterflies and just remind us why we were there.

What song did you walk down the aisle to?

“Til I Found You” by Phil Whickham. Our relationships with God has been a strong foundation for our relationship and helped us to become the couple we are so the song meant both to us in that regard and in that we “didn’t know anything could last forever” til we found each other. 

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?

Starting our lives together! Since we were both still in college and had been together since we were so young, it felt like we were stepping into the future. We hadn’t lived together yet, so it was so exciting to be together and grow into who we are as people together. Obviously we are also excited for babies and other “big” things but just the fact that we get to grow old together is what makes us so excited. 

What was your wedding inspiration?

Our relationship. We used our favorite colors (pink and blue) and just wanted the décor, venue, vendors, and other details to feel easy and smooth like we are. We just make sense without much thought and that’s how I wanted our wedding to feel. “Light and airy” was the décor idea for this with white drapery and greenery. We also added small details like a s’mores bar (I had always said I was going to have this since I was like 10), cornhole boards Eli’s dad made for us since we had played so many times with my dad and stepmom, and a bible that our guests could mark in for us to use for years to come.

What’s your wedding song and the significance?

We danced to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Haley Reinhart. This was the only slow song that was played at our first date and the song we had our first kiss to. We had always said when we danced to this at our wedding, it was like coming full circle.

What song did you dance to for your parent dances and why?

I danced with my dad to “There You’ll Be” by Faith Hill because that’s how he’s always been. Even though there were times we didn’t speak much, I always felt like he was there for me and I him. 

Eli and his mom danced to “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas because he felt like it was a song that tugged on his heart strings as a kid, and it would be a great song to share with his mom in that moment.

What advice do you have for anyone getting married?

Remember that feeling you had when they proposed, and you saw them when you were walking down the aisle when things get hard. It’s so easy as the months and years pass to forget that giddy feeling and overwhelming feeling of love. If you remember that, you can get through anything. There is a reason you promised this person everything on that day and I have found by remembering that feeling when it’s hard, we can get through it. 

How did you feel at the end of the day?

In one word, elated. It was like my life had finally come together. We had been waiting for this day for 5 years and it was everything we had imagined it would be. We were so happy to be husband and wife and for my last name to be Crider!!

Venue: Talon Falls Event Barn
Dress: @rebeccaswedding
Tux: @generationtux
Rings: @kayjewelers
Florals: My mimi made all of our flower arrangements but we used Celebration Tents and Events (@celebrationseventsandtents) for our other décor and some greenery
Jewelry: @DavidsBridal
Shoes: @davidsbridal and @dillards
Officiant: Pastor Joel Cauley (@jcauley & @relevantchurchky)
Bridesmaid Attire: @DavidsBridal
Groomsmen Attire: @generationtux
Caterer: Parkers Drive In
Hair and Makeup: Revolution H Salon (@revolutionhsalon) specifically Hair: Anna Neihoff (@thestylistanna) Makeup: Eden Farris (@edenthestylist)
DJ: Mandy Spraggs
Hairpiece / Veil: Elise wore Eli’s mom’s veil she wore 25 years ago to marry his dad

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