The Foundry on Broadway | Morgan & Shelby

The Foundry on Broadway Frankfort, Kentucky

In historic downtown Frankfort, Kentucky, you will find The Foundry on Broadway among the many beautiful old brick buildings. While the Foundry on Broadway originated as an old saloon in 1891, throughout the years it transformed taking on many identities, a service garage, a wholesale fruit grocery and restaurant, a taxi service, an army surplus store, and then a distributing company. From 1967 – 2012 it became what it is now most well known for, Mitchell’s Clothing Store.

This envy worthy building with it’s exposed brick walls and wood beam ceilings has become a unique venue for all your wedding photography dreams. This “Mitchell Building” has been beautifully repurposed and revitalized into an airy industrial loft made to set your wedding day apart from others.

When you’re not falling in love with the inside of The Foundry on Broadway, you will find you absolutely love the outside surroundings this wedding venue has to offer. Beautiful any time of year, we have to admit we are very fond of the way this seasons colors and twinkly lights added to the aesthetic mood of these wedding photos.

A picture speaks a thousand words and Green Apple Photography captured all the special moments to help narrate the story of Morgan and Shelby’s fairy tale day at the Foundry on Broadway.

The-Foundry-on-Broadway-Morgan-Shelby The-Foundry-on-Broadway-Morgan-Shelby The-Foundry-on-Broadway-Morgan-Shelby The-Foundry-on-Broadway-Morgan-Shelby The-Foundry-on-Broadway-Morgan-Shelby

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