Newly engaged and looking for the perfect for you Louisville wedding venue? How about the Galt House!

The Galt House, Louisville Kentucky

There’s a really good chance you already know this, but the Galt House is Louisville’s ONLY waterfront hotel. So already, the Galt House gets major points from us.

This venue is perfect for someone who wants the ease of having everything in one space. With the Galt House you can have your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception all in one space. We love that guests can stay over so no one has to drive and it’s a great way to ensure no one gets lost or shows up late.

If you feel the pull towards being in the city but still want the element of the outdoors, then this is the spot.

What we really love with the Galt House is the ease of versatility to meet your hearts biggest desires. With the ability to host small intimate events or a wedding with a guest list that gives the Royals a run for their money, the Grand Ballroom at the Galt House has a capacity of up to 1,600 people. Yes, you read that right.

The Willow Room is a dream for your smaller Louisville weddings, with a capacity up to 180, this space gives you indoor and outdoor options. The balcony overlooks the Ohio River, which is a view you will not get with any other hotel space in Louisville.

There’s also the Archibald Cochran Ballroom, use this space if you need to fit more loved ones in one big gorgeous space. This also gives you that indoor and outdoor option, with the balcony overlooking City Park. Still a stunning picture-perfect view that you can take in with even more of your people.

If you’re thinking, “But I don’t want to choose!” and your guest list comes in under 300, you can have both! The Waterford Room has city AND riverfront views. How is this place real? We don’t know. But surely you’ll easily find a space that works for exactly what you need here.

Now listen, if you’re not sold on the whole wedding in a hotel thing, trust us when we say this space does not feel like a corporate event space.

Depending which room you choose, of course, each has a slightly different feel. But imagine open bright spaces, unique and modern lighting, ample space for your table set up, and plenty of ways to still add your own individual unique style with centerpieces, colors and elements.

Each rental comes with a complimentary wooden dance floor which means you can set up the room in a way that flows and feels best to you.

The Galt House embodies luxe southern charm and we love that it’s also a historic landmark location. It’s not often that couples can tell their friends, “We got married in a historic landmark location!”

So what is the history of the Galt House?

We’re glad you asked because it’s an interesting one!

Now, would you believe us if we told you that the Galt House started as a private residence?!

Not in the way that you see it today, of course. But it’s true.

The Galt House once owned by acclaimed physician and botanist Dr. W.C. Galt, started as a private residence and in 1835 a 60-room hotel was opened up across the street under the Galt House Hotel name.

Unfortunately in 1865 a fire completely destroyed the Galt House Hotel, and to this day the origin of the fire is still a mystery. In 1869, a block from the original hotel, a second Galt House Hotel was designed at a whopping $1.5 million. Sadly this hotel also met its end, in the early 1900’s businesses on the waterfront saw drastic drops in business, and the hotel was closed in 1919.

The waterfront area continued to remain lifeless but in 1972 along came Al J. Schneider who had a vision and a plan to rebuild the waterfront into a booming business district like it used to be. Right on the river, Schneider began with an expansive convention hotel which he named the Galt House Hotel.

At the time it was just one tower but by 1984 Schneider opened the East Tower which has given the hotel it’s distinguishing style. This new tower is compromised mainly of suites, giving guests space to stretch out and enjoy long stays.

History didn’t stop there, in 2004 a walkway conservatory was built between both towers on the 3rd floor. This space was directly modeled after the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London. Here you can find a lounge and deli in a space that honors Schneider, his wife and also naturalist John Audubon who was a friend of Dr. W.C. Galt.

As of 2018 the Galt House Hotel underwent a major renovation project that has brought the hotel into the modern grand space that it is today.

Noteworthy Features

The Galt House is notable for it’s dreamy views, event space capacities, and wedding essential touches like the complimentary wooden dance floor and in-house audio and visuals.

Yet what elevates the hotel even more is the full service in-house Xhale Salon and Spa. Schedule a massage, a facial, or have even host a private spa day in your room.

The salon also offers hair and makeup services for the day of your wedding.

We love the option to relax with your wedding party the day before the wedding while indulging yourself in the best way possible.

What a beautiful way to usher in your next chapter of life, relaxed, happy, and pampered.

Pricing & Collections

While the Galt House doesn’t directly list their prices on their site, they do offer wedding packages and can host rehearsal dinners as well. You can request more information through their website here.

Click here to check out their wedding page on the Galt House website.

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