Hollis & Brandon’s The Kentucky Castle Engagement Session Versailles Kentucky

The Kentucky Castle Versailles KY

When Hollis and Brandon won a free engagement session their one request was the venue.

They wanted to have photos taken at the Kentucky Castle in Versailles Kentucky.

We want each of our couples to know that their input, especially when it means such a wonderful engagement session location, is always welcome.

During the session, Hollis expressed how excited she was about marrying Brandon, and even more so about how wonderfully he was smiling for the camera.

They both talked about how comfortable they were, and to be honest, they were naturals taking direction and making it their own.

We had every intention to photograph at Keeneland after our session at the Kentucky Castle, but when we arrived the venue was closed for a private buying auction.

So instead we went down the road, found a section of true Kentucky fencing, and waited for the sunset to drop below the horizon.

They both rolled with it, and when I pulled off the road, they trusted me completely.

Hollis and Brandon were loving, supportive, comforting, humorous, and exciting all at the same time.

Their love for each was very apparent, with each of them snuggling and cuddling like the camera wasn’t even there.

They have such a fun story it can only be described as destiny…

When Hollis was younger, Brandon’s mother was her cheerleading coach.  She actually become good friends with his sister and cousin as well during the time that she participated in cheerleading.

Brandon was always around, but kinda out of the question as Hollis was younger than him.

But when they were a little older they reconnected, going on their first date in January of 2016.  They saw a movie, then spent the evening chatting away at Olive Garden.

Hollis was instantly in love.  They had the best time together!

She was awed by Brandon’s smile and his sense of humor.  She actually went to work the next day telling everyone she was going to marry him!

When Brandon decided to propose last year he knew he wanted to do it with their best friends nearby.

So he planned a trip to Reno, Nevada.

However, Hollis’ best friend is terrible at keeping a secret… so keeping them apart but together was tricky.

One night, the two couples decided to head out to dinner all dressed up.

Hollis got ready and when she walked outside, Brandon had set up a spot near the lake where he wanted to take some pictures of the sunset.

When Hollis walked down toward the water of Lake Tahoe, Brandon was standing their with flowers, grinning from ear to ear.

She says now seeing his face in that moment was something she’ll never forget.

They are both so excited for the big day because of the memories they anticipate they’ll make and because they both get to marry the absolute love of their lives.  

Family means everything to them, along with the Lord, so their celebration will be filled with all kinds of love and laughter.

We can’t wait to hear more about where they choose to get married and will never forget the beautiful evening we got to spend with these two lovely souls.


Apparel: Revolve, Express, Banana Republic, Engagement Ring by Shelia Bays

Hollis-Brandon-The-Kentucky-Castle-Versailles-KY Hollis-Brandon-The-Kentucky-Castle-Versailles-KY Hollis-Brandon-The-Kentucky-Castle-Versailles-KY Hollis-Brandon-The-Kentucky-Castle-Versailles-KY Hollis-Brandon-The-Kentucky-Castle-Versailles-KY



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