Thom and Shawna’s Tom Sawyer Park Engagement Session Louisville Kentucky

March 28, 2021

Tom Sawyer Park Louisville KY

Shawna and Thom are one of the kindest, sweetest couples we have met. Β Luckily we are also going to get to spend a weekend with them in October celebrating their wedding.

When we met at Tom Sawyer Park, they had driven in from Lexington in order to have a snowy backdrop for Shawna’s amazing Lane Bryant pants.

Much of the snow you see is made by a snow machine. Β We wanted to make sure to get snowy, elegant engagement photos.Β 

One of our favorite things lately is to find out more about our couples love stories in their own words. Β While Shawna and Thom met on Tinder, and had their first date at West Sixth Brewing Company in Lexington, there is so much more to their love story.

Enjoy and we can’t wait to be there when they get hitched in October πŸ™‚


Tell me a bit about how you fell in love?

Shawna: We talked on Tinder for a few days before setting up drinks at West Sixth. DrinksΒ turned into dinner, and we ended the night on a good note.

I thought I would never hear fromΒ him again, though, because I thought he had a terrible time since he didn’t try to kiss me, but,Β to my surprise, he texted a few minutes after I left to say he had a great time (with an emoji! ItΒ was a big deal).

We set up another date for breakfast for dinner and beers, after which ThomΒ walked me to my car and asked to kiss me. I didn’t hesitate of course. We had another dateΒ where he cooked for me and another date the next week and the day after that and he askedΒ me to date officially. Tom Sawyer ParkΒ engagementΒ 

Again, no hesitation.

Three days after we made it official, Thom, who I’ve since learned is not a big fan ofΒ talking about his feelings, took a big risk and told me he loved me. I, afraid it was too soon andΒ too much too fast told him I wasn’t ready to say it back yet. I should have known I did though,Β because I spent every moment of every day that week checking my phone to see if he hadΒ texted me and trying to come up with ways to ask him to spend time together.

We hung out theΒ next day and work on things for our classes. We went out to dinner at Corto Lima and ateΒ delicious food, and drank a flight of mezcal, and laughed and talked. I felt like I had known himΒ my entire life and it hadn’t even been a month.

So, just a day later, I put him out of his miseryΒ and told him I loved him back. And I’m just thankful everyday that he still chooses me and lovesΒ me. Because I’ll always do the same. Tom Sawyer ParkΒ engagementΒ 

Thom : When I realized I didn’t want to be with anybody else.

How did Thom propose?

I had just finished a marathon writing session for my dissertation and Thom, beingΒ endlessly thoughtful and sweet, suggested that he pick up something for dinner and surpriseΒ me.

We had drinks. I cut his hair (because pandemic), and then I took some photos of him asΒ the sun went down in our backyard. After that, he left to pick up dinner and brought back CortoΒ Lima–one of our favorites and the restaurant we went to the day I told him I loved him back.

HeΒ also picked up three bottles of our favorite tequila brand to do a flight, just like we did on thatΒ date. Tom Sawyer ParkΒ engagementΒ 

I, ever clueless, was so excited for a celebratory meal. Little did I know, that while I hadΒ gone to the restroom, he had hidden a ring box down in the cushions on his side of the couch.

We watched Schitt’s Creek , ate our dinner, and tried some tequilas.

Soon after we finished, Thom put his head on my shoulder and started asking meΒ questions. During our whole relationship, we have asked each other β€œdo you rememberΒ when…” as a cute joke.

β€œDo you remember when we met?” Tom Sawyer ParkΒ engagementΒ 

β€œDo you remember that time I saidΒ I love you?”

“Do you remember that time I made you an amazing dinner?”

This time, I could hearhim getting emotional as he asked me, β€œ Do you remember that time I said I love you? Do youΒ remember that time you said you loved me back? Do you remember when I knew I wouldn’t beΒ alone ever again?”

We held each other when he said β€œDo you remember that time I proposed toΒ you?” and I still clueless answered, β€œNo, but when you do I will be so happy” and hugged himΒ tightly. So, he said it again, β€œDo you remember when I proposed to you?” reached into theΒ couch, pulled out a ring box, and got down on one knee.

After some very happy laughter andΒ tears, I said, β€œof course!”

It wasn’t until after that he told me that the day before he had driven 2 and half hoursΒ both ways to ask my parents to be part of our family and to show them the ring.

EveryoneΒ thought he was proposing the next day but he was too excited to wait!

What are you most excited about for your wedding?

To celebrate our love with our friends and families with an amazing party!

If your love story was a movie what would you title it?

Tinder Hearts, Tinder Minds

(Thom opened with a dad-joke, so this truly is on-brand for us.)

Describe your relationship in 5 words?

passionate, laughter, strong, equal, respectful

What is something that means the most to both of you?

Being able to wake up everyday with the one person who really gets me, sees me, and loves meΒ unconditionally and with their whole heart.

Shawna-Thom-Engagement-Session-Tom-Sawyer-Park-Louisville-KY Shawna-Thom-Engagement-Session-Tom-Sawyer-Park-Louisville-KY Shawna-Thom-Engagement-Session-Tom-Sawyer-Park-Louisville-KY Shawna-Thom-Engagement-Session-Tom-Sawyer-Park-Louisville-KY Shawna-Thom-Engagement-Session-Tom-Sawyer-Park-Louisville-KY Shawna-Thom-Engagement-Session-Tom-Sawyer-Park-Louisville-KY