Noelle & Joe’s Twin Lakes Cincinnati Ohio Engagement Session

Twin Lakes Cincinnati Ohio

Twin Lakes is a park located in the Mt. Adams area that is reminiscent of the romance and elegance of Central Park.

Noelle and Joe were one of our favorite couples to date.  Here’s their story.

How They Met

Noelle and Joe both chose University of Cincinnati for their undergrad.  Meeting there at a party one night, they absolutely despised each other.

After some time, they found that their group of friends were intersecting.

As Joe got to know Noelle more and more he consistently asked her to go out with him, but she always said no.

But her feelings kept growing for him with each interaction.

Eventually, after weeks of following each other on Instagram and Facebook, Noelle said yes and on the last night of their freshmen year, they kissed.

The summer months apart only solidified their attraction and they have been together even since.

How He Proposed

One place that has become special for the couple is Bellevue Park.  A park near their shared home, they constantly take walks to catch up on one another’s day.

Since we had such warm weather, Joe asked Noelle to take a walk on February 2nd.

Near the end of their walk, as the sun was setting over the Cincinnati skyline, Joe shocked Noelle by pulling out the most stunning ring.

She couldn’t even get the words out to say yes, overwhelmed by the thought of spending her life with him.

The Engagement Session

Choosing Twin Lakes Park was an easy choice.

Having bridges, waterfalls, and gardens all within short walking distance made the session so enjoyable, but what really shined through was their love for each other.

The timeless elegance of how Joe looks at Noelle is something I look back on whenever I feel tired or worn down.

It reminds me that love is the best thing we do…and even in these times, it is all around us.

I’m so excited to get to photograph their wedding next September.

Twin Lake Cincinnati Ohio

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