Lauren & Brandon’s Waddy Bluegrass Alpaca Farm Engagement Session Waddy KY

February 3, 2021

Waddy Bluegrass Alpaca Farm Waddy KY

When we first drove up to Waddy Bluegrass Alpaca Farms, the only way to describe it was a dream.

The owner, Gary, met us right at the gate and explained how the male and female alpacas had to be kept separated, not because of the males, but rather because the females become so territorial.  Waddy Bluegrass Alpaca Farm Engagement Session Waddy KY

When Brandon and Lauren arrived, Lauren couldn’t contain herself.  She was instantly in love with each and every alpaca, ooing and aahing and laughing along the way.

How they Met

Brandon and Lauren met through friends! They were always around each other but never really built any relationship. One summer Lauren discovered that he worked at the high school she graduated from, and  as a teacher herself she was instantly intrigued and decided to build more of a relationship with him.

They were friends for a while then it developed into much more! Waddy Bluegrass Alpaca Farm Engagement Session Waddy KY

About two years ago, Brandon and Lauren went to The Manhattan Project for dinner and walked along Frankfort Avenue and got ice cream from the Comfy Cow.

They spent the whole evening walking and talking. It was a great start to a great relationship.

How They Fell In Love

Brandon and Lauren are very much alike in their wants and dreams for the future. Both of them value their family and their family.

They’re both incredibly close to their families.  Funny enough, their moms graduated high school together, so the families instantly clicked.

Being that they both teach in a high school setting, they have the same schedule and get to enjoy their days together.Waddy Bluegrass Alpacas Waddy KY

Lauren personally believes that he was just the whole package, and with the many things they had in common, and how giving and loving of a man Brandon is, she knew in about a month, that she wanted to spend her life with him.

She describes their relationship as selfless, faithful, fulfilling, passionate and fun! Waddy Bluegrass Alpaca Farm Engagement Session Waddy KY

Future Wedding Date and Venue: June 18, 2021. Wedding in Parents Backyard. Reception is located at Woodhaven Country Club

The Proposal

Brandon and Lauren spoke about getting engaged for months, but due to COVID-19, plans were pushed back for a while.

Once their city was slowly opening up again, Brandon made reservations at Bonefish.Waddy Bluegrass Alpacas Waddy KY

Lauren was rushing around the house, preparing to get dolled up and fancy for the first time in months, but while she was getting ready Brandon interrupted her, “Would you like to wear something I picked out for you?”

He pulled out a beautiful, bright yellow dress that was perfect!

As she was putting it on, she hears him say, “Would you like to wear something else I got you?”Waddy Bluegrass Alpacas Waddy KY

She turned around and he is on his knee holding the most BEAUTIFUL ring.  She instantly cried and we just held each other.

It was so intimate and everything Lauren  dreamed of.Waddy Bluegrass Alpacas Waddy KY

Lauren is so excited to become Mrs. Clemmons.  To her, there is no greater honor, than to marry Brandon.

They both feel like the luckiest people in the world.Waddy Bluegrass Alpacas Waddy KY

The Engagement Session

Waddy Bluegrass Alpaca Farm was the perfect location for their session, not for any other reason other than it’s Lauren’s favorite animal.

By the end of our time together she was begging Brandon to build a farm similar to this one.

We danced.  Waddy Bluegrass Alpacas Waddy KY

We snuggled.  Waddy Bluegrass Alpacas Waddy KY

We laughed.  Waddy Bluegrass Alpacas Waddy KY

It rained and we didn’t care.  Waddy Bluegrass Alpacas Waddy KY

In the end there was a huge beautiful rainbow out of the fields, giving us the perfect send off for the perfect day.

We wish these two the absolute best and are so thrilled with how their exciting, adventurous engagement session turned out!


Lauren: Francesca’s
Brandon: H&M Men