Your story is unique & so is our approach to it.

You deserve to be present in the moment without worrying about capturing it.

Whether barefoot or black tie, we empower you to be fully present. When you savor each moment it makes time feel like it’s passing slower, allowing you the wonder of being alive.

Presence is like meditation in motion. When you give yourself the freedom of awareness, your day becomes richer, more meaningful, and more fully lived.

But right now, you’re here:

You want genuine moments

And you don’t know how to achieve it.

You’re worried about everything

And want to feel relaxed about it

You want to feel free to be yourself fully

And not feel like the world is on your shoulders.

our team can create this for you.

We help couples feel freely present with our first-hand expertise and unique approach.

10 years ago I was in your shoes, planning my own wedding…

But, I struggled to manage the stress of it all.

In fact, I remember being so anxious that I couldn’t sleep most nights.

I wasn’t able to enjoy the process of marrying the love of my life until one of my vendors swooped in and reminded me of being present.

You not only deserve more than that, you need more.

The importance of capturing your wedding and the moments leading up to it in the most genuine way possible matters to my team and I. As your photographers, we spend the time getting to know what matters to you most, helping you take away the stress of wedding planning, and ultimately allowing you to be present on your day.



this is for you, not couple #374 this year.

You are never just a number on our calendar, and that genuinely means so much.

We are here to first and foremost to make sure that we are the right fit for what you envision. We want to be able to anticipate the moments you’ll care most about.

We love the wedding community and if you need recommendations for any part of the process we’re there for you. On your wedding day you can expect us to laugh and cry alongside you. Your photos, your happiness & you experiencing you day fully is what matters most to us.


Let’s Connect

First, you let us know you’re into us.

After you’ve inquired, expect to get a zany video text inviting you to schedule a meeting either in person or over Zoom. We spend that time getting to know your story and what matters to you for your day. We’ll answer all your questions and make sure we’re the best fit! If not, we’re happy to recommend another vendor to help get you the images you deserve.


Planning and Support

When you decide on Green Apple, you won’t have to worry about your wedding photography, but you’ll also receive all the planning and support you need. The first step is our discovery questionnaire, from favorite movies to what gives you the ick, we want to know it all. Expect to be in communication with us about once a month or more until the big day. We’ll create a timeline together about two months before your day and we’re always available to answer questions.


We create art together that lasts a lifetime

your wedding day and beyond

The team will arrive a few minutes early. We’ll meet you in your bridal suite to begin photographing every detail, from your gorgeous gown to your stunning invitation suite. From this point on, you can feel confident knowing we’ll handle everything with ease, documenting your Kentucky wedding authentically and laughing and celebrating with you throughout. 8-10 weeks later, you’ll see your images for the first time at your Reveal Celebration.


The images are beyond beautiful and really capture who we are as a couple!

– Emily



It’s 10 weeks after your wedding. A glass of freshly popped bubbly clinks in your hand as your spouse hooks up your computer to your TV. The music swells, and suddenly, there they are … the best moments of your life up on screen for the very first time.

You snuggle close reliving each second as your heart bursts with joy and emotion. After the slideshow ends, you turn to your love and relive the story of what was happening in each image. You laugh together, you cry together.

And then you choose which images you want to immortalize forever in your wedding album and wall art.