Looking for a luxurious yet classic wedding venue in the Louisville, KY area? Take a look at Whitehall!

Whitehall, Louisville Kentucky

Whitehall in Louisville is a gorgeous 19th century mansion that you can rent out for your wedding. Drenched in old world charm, you’ll be transported back to another era as you celebrate your incredible love.

We always love to give bonus points to any venues that can host both indoor and outdoor events, which is honestly such a stress-reducer! While the ease of one location is always top-notch in our books, Whitehall takes it a step further because you’re going to feel like you’ve traveled to another destination without ever having to get in a car.

Let’s imagine your wedding day at Whitehall to help paint a picture in your mind about how stunning your day of love can be.

You choose your date, it’s a late spring wedding and much to your delight Whitehall has that exact day wide open for you. As you give your deposit you confirm that you would like a ceremony in the Formal Garden followed by a cocktail hour and reception in the Garden Terrace. You’ll rent a beautiful canvas tent that brings the outdoors in, without the threat of weather elements ruining your special day.

As you are getting ready to walk down the aisle, you first pass under a fragrant arch of clematis, whose surprisingly bright blooms smell sweet and will forever remind you of this day. As you walk out in to the Formal Garden you see 200 of your favorite smiling faces adoringly looking back at you.

You count to 3 slowly in your head, taking in every sense, capturing each moment like a picture in your head. In this private garden you are secluded by tall green bushes all around and enveloped by the beautiful hanging tree branches overhead. Everything happening right now feels right out of a fairy tale.

After the ceremony you and your now life-long-love stroll around the picturesque hydrangea gardens, with the pops of blues, purples, and pinks beautifully accentuating the background of your wedding photos.

Meanwhile your guests gather in the Garden Terrace where your beautifully adorned tent stands waiting to usher in an evening of love, laughter, and dancing. Of course if you’re feeling like a night dancing under the stars is worth the risk of rain, you can even have your event set for the open-air elevating the magic for sure.

There’s no doubt whichever option you choose here, it will feel grand and you will feel swept away in splendor.

If you’re thinking, that’s wonderful but what if I prefer the great-indoors?

Don’t fret! Whitehall offers an indoor option that will entrance your senses. That’s right, you can have your wedding inside a mansion. We did mention this was a fairy tale wedding right? Except it’s all really possible.

The Mansion at Whitehall is such a unique and regal space. Maintaining the original 19th century antebellum charm, the interior exudes grandeur, elegance and grace. The inside of the Whitehall Mansion is like peering into a moment in time long passed, expect the wall coverings, carpets, and antique touches to be kept the same as they were in 1909.

When you have your wedding here, you could say that your fairy tale wedding is A Tale As Old As Time.

You don’t have to forfeit modern amenities to borrow a slice of the past though. The Mansion at Whitehall is fully air-conditioned, has a large catering kitchen, and plenty of restrooms on the first and second floor. Wedding parties are invited to use the bedrooms on the second floor as a space to get ready.

With capacity for 75-100 people, if you get a chance to have part of your day in the Mansion, we do think it’s worth considering. There’s a double-parlor that is literally perfect for a DJ booth and dance floor. You can even use the front and side porch for cocktail hour, which is a great way to still have multiple parts of your wedding day in the same location.

If you’re curious about the history of the venue, it’s quite interesting!

It’s believed that a man by the name of John Marshall built Whitehall in 1855. Situated on 20 acres, it began as a two-story brick home, in the Italianate style which was really popular during the mid-19th century.

The home was sold a few times, ending up under Judge Henry J. Stites for a while. After he died, ownership changed again through several more owners, and eventually was bought by John and Betty Summers Middleton. John was a successful entrepreneur and horseman while his wife Betty became a pivotal part of Whitehall. Betty fancied Southern-style Greek Revival homes, so renovations began to transform the home, adding the patios, columns, and circular driveway we see today.

Many interior changes also took place at Whitehall. Walls came down, ceilings were raised and lowered, fireplaces removed, and the staircase assumed a whole room and created a remarkably light and airy feel.

The home changed owners yet again in 1924, claimed by Hume Logan Sr. and his wife. He was the president of a steel products manufacturer. After Hume Sr. died, his son Hume Jr. purchased the home. Hume Jr. lived in the home until he passed in 1992 at the age of 94, leaving the home to the Historic Homes Foundation.

His actions ensured that Whitehall would always be available to the public to enjoy. In 1994 extensive work was done to refurbish the home by a local design firm under that year’s Junior League of Louisville Historic Showhouse.

Today Whitehall is a delight to visit and ushers in new beginnings allowing couples to proclaim the beginning of the rest of their life in this magnificently historic and unique setting.

Whitehall Noteworthy Features

An Approved Vendor List makes your selection process even easier!

Tours are open and the grounds are open and free to the public all day, excluding during price events.

A fun way to check out Whitehall would be to attend one of their many events! There’s even a Bridal Show.

Whitehall Pricing & Collections

Pricing for Whitehall can be found here.


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