Best Places for Engagement Photos in Kentucky 

In the heart of Kentucky’s enchanting landscapes lies a dilemma as beautiful as it is daunting: choosing the perfect backdrop for your engagement photos. Amidst rolling hills, historic sites, and picturesque vistas, the Bluegrass State offers a myriad of breathtaking locales, each promising stunning imagery for your photo session. 

As exhilarating as it might be to think about the final product, the struggle to decide which location you want to utilize can be overwhelming. In this guide we’ve listed out the most captivating engagement photo locations in Kentucky.  We hope it inspires you while alleviating the weight often felt while searching for the right spot. 

Best Places for Engagement Photos in Louisville

Louisville offers a plethora of picturesque locations for engagement photos, making it an ideal backdrop to capture your romance. The city’s historic charm blends seamlessly with its modern allure, providing diverse settings to suit any couple’s style. From the iconic Big Four Bridge spanning the Ohio River to the lush greenery of Cherokee Park, there’s a myriad of stunning outdoor spots to choose from. Louisville’s vibrant downtown area boasts colorful murals, and chic urban landscapes, perfect for couples seeking a more contemporary backdrop. 

Yew Dell Gardens (permit required)

Yew Dell Gardens in Crestwood, Kentucky offers unparalleled beauty. From their tree lined grove to the their white washed brick castle surrounded by sprawling gardens your engagement photos will feel straight from a fairy tale.

Engagement Pictures in Louisville Kentucky

Anchorage Trail 

The trail is Anchorage is idyllic whether it be spring, winter summer, or fall. With 2 miles of pathway leading back to an overlook of the small lake this trail offers beautifully positioned bridges and open fields along with hidden pathways to really make your photos feel woodsy. Also, don’t sleep on the neighboring village of Anchorage for a beautiful finish to your session.

St James Court

With historic charm and incredible landscaping, St James Court is the perfect location for your engagement photos if you value vintage vibes and epic victorian homes.  The gorgeous centerpiece of the street has to be the cherub topped fountain. Hidden alleys and stunning architecture make this an unforgettable locale for your engagement photos.


Just East of Slugger Field begins the area of Louisville dubbed NuLu. With ever adapting and changing businesses, this area boasts numerous distilleries, breweries, coffee shops and unique locations. One of our favorites has to be Red Tree. Pop in during your session to take a photograph under the colorful umbrellas or just to buy a unique piece of Louisville charm.

bride and groom lounge on the side of groom's airplane

Bowman Field (access required)

If you love airplanes, this is the spot for you. The historic building that sits on Bowman’s property has stunning architecture within in case of rain, but the real beauty here comes when you get permission to be on the runway. With a grounded plane as a backdrop this beautiful gem of Louisville is the perfect spot for adventurous couples.

Big Four Bridge

Nothing says Louisville like the Walking Bridge. A former train track itself, the upper level connecting Louisville to Jeffersonville Indiana retains a train-like feel. Bonus! They also play romantic classical music through a speaker system on the bridge. Once you’ve walked the length of the Ohio stop in to the ice cream shops dotting the Jeffersonville segment for a sweet treat during your engagement session.

Best Places for Engagement Photos in Kentucky

Norton Commons

We love this little town located East of downtown Louisville. With houses reminiscent of St James Court, an amphitheater and gorgeous fountains sprinkled throughout, this location is an ideal spot for your engagement photos in Louisville. We also know of a few hidden locations within the town that give you some real privacy during your shoot.

Whitehall Historic Site (permit required)

Oh Whitehall…there is nothing we adore more than a garden locale and this one delivers in a big way. With gardens dedicated to creating a sense of romance and wonder, this engagement location has never once disappointed us. Ivy drenched walls, cherub statues and epic greenery are just some of the appeal of this beautiful option.

Falls of the Ohio (pay to park)

Who doesn’t want to go hunting for fossils during their engagement photos. In all seriousness though, this location offers the beauty of Louisville as a backdrop while also having an otherworldly feel. Access to photo areas varies depending on the height of the Ohio River, so consult the flood plaines first before heading there. The fee to park is minimal, but helps support this educational site for others.

The Parklands (permit required)

The Parklands encompasses nearly 4000 acres of land. With various parks like Beckley, Pope Lick, Turkey Run and Broad Run there is something for everyone. Floyd’s Fork, a kayak accessible creek, flows through all. If you’re looking for barns both Turkey Run and Beckley offer options. Hiking trails abound throughout all to offer you a sense of beauty as your backdrop.

Louisville Free Public Library (York Street Location)

The foyer of the LFPL has to be one of the best kept secrets in Louisville. Couples often feel a sense of timeless elegance while climbing the marble staircases. With muted murals and stunning stained glass, this location is also perfect if you’re worried about having to brave the weather.

Speed Art Museum (permit required)

Artwork, statues, and staircases, oh my! Speed Art Museum offers them all. While flash photography is not allowed within the museum, there are plenty of spaces to showcase your love – especially if you want a moody feel to your photographs. The massive glass staircase also offers a gorgeous backdrop.

Big Rock Park / Cherokee Park (permit required)

We love how many parks Olmsted designed in Louisville and this one is no different. With a creek, waterfall, and massive tree hanging over the creek, Big Rock has our hearts. Just up the road in Cherokee Park the elevation changes offer beautiful vistas for sunset and lots of hiking trails as options for your engagement photo backdrops.

Best Places for Engagement Photos in Lexington

Lexington stands out as an enchanting locale for engagement photos, boasting a unique blend of beauty and rustic charm. Renowned as the “Horse Capital of the World,” Lexington’s sprawling horse farms offer an unparalleled backdrop for capturing timeless romance amidst rolling hills and lush pastures. The majestic thoroughbreds grazing against the backdrop of the bluegrass create an idyllic setting that exudes both elegance and tranquility.  Whether strolling hand in hand against the vibrant streets of Gratz Park or exchanging glances amidst the blooming cherry blossoms of the Arboretum, you are sure to find endless opportunities to capture magic during your engagement session within these Lexington locales.

University of Kentucky Arboretum (permit required)

With over 100 acres of sprawling land, the arboretum features a diverse collection of trees, shrubs, and other plant species, including many native to Kentucky and the surrounding region. Your engagement photos can explore various themed gardens, such as the Home Demonstration Garden, Rose Garden, and Herb Garden, each showcasing different plant varieties and landscaping techniques and making the perfect backdrop for your photos.


Keeneland Racecourse is a historic and prestigious thoroughbred horse racing track. The racetrack itself features a spacious and well-maintained dirt track and turf course, where some of the most exciting horse races in the United States take place. Surrounding the racetrack, the grounds of Keeneland are beautifully landscaped with lush greenery, manicured lawns, and scenic paddocks. Tall trees line the walking paths, providing shade and a tranquil atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.One of the signature features of Keeneland is its iconic grandstand and clubhouse, which boast classic Southern architecture and offer spectacular views of the racetrack and surrounding countryside.

Gratz Park 

Gratz Park is a charming and historic park located in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, USA. Situated in the heart of the city’s historic district, the park is surrounded by elegant 19th-century homes, making it a picturesque and tranquil oasis amidst the bustling urban landscape. In the center of the park is a fountain feature ideal for engagement photos starts or ends. Transylvania University is also right across the street and offers pillared entrances as yet another option.


Jacobson Park Lake 

If you want to have engagement photos that feel like you’re in Northern Michigan, Jacobson Park is the place for you. Whether it be the large lake or the grove of epic evergreen trees, this park on the southeast side of Lexington might be ideal for you and your significant other to feel like you’ve traveled to another world for your engagement photos.

Shaker Village (permit required)

Located near Harrodsburg, the natural beauty of Shaker Village’s surroundings provides opportunities for hiking, scenic overlooks, and wildlife viewing areas. The site also features a restaurant serving farm-to-table cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients, as well as overnight accommodations in historic buildings and modern lodges.

Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate (permit required)

If history is something that matters to you, The Henry Clay Estate is an incredible option. In addition to the mansion, the Ashland estate features various outbuildings, including a historic smokehouse, icehouse, and springhouse, as well as formal gardens, walking trails, and scenic overlooks.

Lexington Wedding Venues

Talon Winery (call ahead for information)

The winery is nestled on a beautiful estate encompassing rolling hills, lush vineyards, and scenic views of the countryside. The vineyards are meticulously maintained and feature a variety of grape varietals, including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Norton, among others, all carefully selected to thrive in Kentucky’s climate and terroir. If you adore a class of vino with your love, this is a wonderful option for your engagement photos.

Yuko-En on the Elkhorn

This garden is situated along the banks of the Elkhorn Creek, encompassing approximately six acres of meticulously landscaped grounds designed to evoke the natural beauty and tranquility of traditional Japanese gardens. During your engagement photos you’ll enjoy various themed areas, such as the pond garden, tea garden, and woodland garden. With picturesque bridges, stone lanterns, pagodas, and other traditional Japanese garden ornaments this location might be perfect for anyone loving South Asian influence.

Kroger Field (permit required)

While you can take photos outside of the University of Kentucky’s stadium, obtaining a permit to photograph on the field could push your engagement photos to another level if you’re a Cats fan. The outside of Kroger Field also boasts numerous photo opportunities with the royal blue of UK all around.

Best Places for Engagement Photos in Elizabethtown / Bardstown

Bardstown or Elizabethtown Kentucky, are both captivating choices for engagement pictures, offering a blend of historic charm, natural beauty, and cultural richness. Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of the Bluegrass State, Bardstown boasts a quaint small-town ambiance that lends itself perfectly to capturing intimate moments of love and commitment. Elizabethtown offers a unique historic downtown area, adorned with charming Victorian architecture, cobblestone streets, and vibrant storefronts. Bardstown and Elizabethtown are both close to Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail which offers couples the opportunity to incorporate the region’s iconic distilleries, and scenic vistas into their photoshoot. 


Bernheim Forest (permit required) 

Bernheim Forest is a large nature preserve and is renowned for its diverse ecosystems, including forests, meadows, wetlands, and streams, which provide habitat for a wide variety of plant and animal species. The forest is home to over 40 miles of hiking trails, ranging from easy strolls to challenging treks. From the Forest Giants to the Tree Canopy walk, there are so many different options to feel one with nature here during your engagement photos.

Jim Bean Distillery (permit required) 

If you and your fiancé adore bourbon, then this distillery might be the ideal location for you to take your engagement photos. The gorgeous rickhouses and black fencing create an idyllic background, not to mention the beauty of bourbon barrels abounds. Jim Bean has done various improvements these past years, and their homes are amazing as well.

My Old Kentucky Home State Park (permit required)

Surrounded by lush gardens, rolling lawns, and shaded groves, My Old Kentucky Home offers a glimpse into Kentucky’s rich heritage and history. Did you know the song ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ stems from this very location? The mansion boasts beautifully restored rooms, furnished with period antiques, and artwork. For beautiful engagement photos within the bounds of Bardstown we can’t recommend this romantic location more.

Downtown Bardstown 

The downtown area is characterized by quaint streets lined with historic buildings, many dating back to the 19th century, which house a variety of shops, restaurants, and attractions. During your session you can explore a range of boutiques, art galleries, antique stores, and specialty shops offering unique gifts, crafts, and local products. One of the focal points of downtown Bardstown is Court Square, a picturesque square surrounded by historic buildings and shaded by mature trees.

Freeman Lake 

Covering approximately 170 acres, the lake is surrounded by picturesque woodlands and rolling hills, creating a tranquil and scenic setting for a variety of outdoor activities. This area really shines during the fall when the colors of the trees reflect against the backdrop of the lake. We love this spot for it’s beauty and ease of accessibility.

Downtown Etown

Food lovers will appreciate the dining options available in downtown Elizabethtown, which range from casual cafes and diners to upscale restaurants and eateries serving Southern comfort food, barbecue, international cuisine, and more. Visitors can enjoy farm-to-table fare, craft beers, and specialty cocktails in charming settings with friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere. From clothing boutiques to artisanal bakeries, downtown E-town offers an amazing backdrop for those wanting an urban feel without leaving the country.

Best Places for Engagement Photos in Northern Kentucky

Newport, Kentucky sits on the edge of the Ohio River separating Kentucky from Ohio.   As such, we’ve included locations in both Newport and Cincinnati in our best locations for engagement photos.  Newport has an incredible view of the downtown area and if you’re lucky enough to catch a ball game in the summer, you’ll also be treated to a fireworks display.  Cincinnati’s historic neighborhoods, such as Over-the-Rhine, boast charming cobblestone streets, colorful murals, and quaint cafes, perfect for capturing the intimacy of love in an urban setting. The city’s rich cultural heritage is reflected in its iconic landmarks like Music Hall, Fountain Hall and Eden Park. 

Eden Park

Eden Park is a picturesque location perfect for engagement photos. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, it offers a stunning backdrop of natural beauty mixed with architectural charm. The park’s centerpiece, the majestic Hinkle Magnolia Garden, bursts into bloom with delicate flowers, offering an ethereal setting for tender embraces and stolen glances.

The American Sign Museum (permit required)

This one-of-a-kind museum is a treasure trove of Americana, offering a whimsical setting for couples looking to capture their love story amidst a kaleidoscope of colors and nostalgia. As you wander through its halls, you’re greeted by a dazzling array of neon signs, each one a work of art crafted with care and precision. From iconic logos of yesteryear to quaint roadside attractions, every sign tells a story, evoking memories of simpler times and cherished moments.

Krohn Conservatory (permit required)

The iconic Krohn Conservatory stands as a testament to Victorian architecture, its glass domes and elegant spires providing a captivating backdrop for timeless romance. With the greenhouse always lush, this is an ideal location for a winter engagement session. Explore the cacti room or snuggle below the waterfall; all offer incredible options for engagement photos.

The Great American Ballpark (permit required)

Take me out to the ball game, Take me out with the crowd; Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack, I don’t care if I never get back. For those couples who adore the game of baseball there is no other location but the Great American Ballpark. With the history of the Cincinnati Reds behind you and the rest of your lives ahead, this location is a great way to tie in something you both adore. *Not wanting to rent the stadium? Schedule your photos around a ball game to capture the fireworks show at the end.

Newport Aquarium (entry fee)

For the adventurous couple, the Newport Aquarium offers unique opportunities to capture moments of whimsy and joy. Imagine strolling hand in hand through tunnels of shimmering water, surrounded by schools of vibrant fish and graceful sea creatures gliding effortlessly by. Each turn reveals a new tableau of underwater beauty, from the ethereal glow of bioluminescent jellyfish to the majestic movements of playful penguins.

Music Hall and Washington Park / Over the Rhine 

Nestled amidst the cobblestone streets and historic buildings of Over-the-Rhine, Music Hall stands as a majestic monument to Cincinnati’s cultural heritage. With its ornate facade and soaring towers, this iconic venue offers a stunning setting for capturing the timeless romance of your love story. In Over the Rhine, you can pause for a kiss beneath the flickering lights of a cozy cafe patio, or strike a pose beside a vibrant mural that captures the spirit of the neighborhood’s artistic community.

The Purple People Eater Bridge 

Hues of royal purple is why the Newport Southbank Bridge has been dubbed the ‘Purple People Eater’. A pedestrian only bridge connecting downtown Cincinnati to Newport, Kentucky, the bridge offers beautiful views of downtown Cincinnati and boasts the best spot to watch a sunset, or better yet to snag an engagement photo with the sunset in the backdrop.

Ault Park 

This might be one of the most romantic parks in greater Cincinnati. With lush greenery and serene landscapes this park is a stellar option for your engagement photos. At the heart of Ault Park lies the iconic Pavilion, a charming gazebo adorned with elegant columns and intricate details.

Mt Adams 

Mount Adams is a charming neighborhood perched atop a hill overlooking the cityscape, offering a delightful blend of historic charm, stunning views, and vibrant culture. With a tapestry of colorful houses and hidden gardens, the real charm of Mt Adams comes in the small unique restaurants and coffee shops. The area also offers a beautiful overlook of downtown Cincinnati.

Spring Grove Cemetery

Nestled amidst rolling hills and verdant woodlands, Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum offers grand gates and the quiet elegance of centuries-old trees. While a cemetery might not be the most apparent location for engagement photos, with a lake and beautifully ornate mausoleums as a backdrop you’ll be sure to enjoy every moment of your session at this stunning locale. We especially love it in the springtime when all the blooms are out.

Smale Park 

Located on the Ohio River, this beautiful park has callbacks to the Brooklyn Bridge making you feel like you’re in a scene from New York. A carousel is available depending on the time of year and one of the not to miss sites is the statue of the flying pig.

Cincinnati Art Museum (permit needed)

For the couple with a flair for the dramatic, the Cincinnati Art Museum offers endless possibilities for creative expression. Think about stealing a quiet moment together in the tranquil galleries, where the hushed whispers of history mingle with the sound of your laughter. The outdoor garden offers incredible opportunities to pose like the statues of old while surrounded by the history within.

Glenwood Gardens 

For couples seeking a touch of whimsy and charm, Glenwood Gardens offers enchanting features such as the tranquil Wetland Garden, where wooden boardwalks wind their way through towering cattails and delicate water lilies. At the heart of Glenwood Gardens lies the picturesque Highfield Discovery Garden, a haven of botanical wonders and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Here, amidst the tranquil ponds and lush gardens, you’ll find the perfect backdrop for capturing moments of tender romance and quiet reflection.

Best Places for Engagement Photos in Frankfort

Frankfort’s historic downtown district is particularly enchanting, with tree-lined streets, Victorian architecture, and quaint shops providing a perfect setting for your Kentucky engagement photos. The iconic Kentucky State Capitol building, with its grand dome and stately columns, is a majestic backdrop for elegant and regal engagement photos.  There are numerous distilleries in the area which bring a sense of wonder and amazement into engagement photos. 

Buffalo Trace Distillery  (check-in required)

Taking engagement photos at Buffalo Trace Distillery is sure to create a memorable and picturesque experience. With its historic charm, natural beauty, and iconic bourbon backdrop, Buffalo Trace Distillery provides a captivating setting for capturing your love story in timeless engagement photos.

The Kentucky Capital (permit required)

Taking engagement photos at the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort offers a blend of historic charm, scenic beauty, and symbolic significance. With the beauty of the architecture, the interior murals, and a versatile setting, your engagement plans are sure to be epic (and rain proof) if you choose this location for your session.

Castle and Key (permit required) 

Castle & Key’s picturesque grounds, historic buildings, and scenic gardens provide a stunning backdrop for memorable photographs. Make sure to call ahead and obtain a photography permit as they only allow engagement photos on certain days (Tuesdays have been allowed in the past as the distillery is closed to the public on that day.)

Downtown Frankfort

Downtown Frankfort, Kentucky, offers a charming blend of history, culture, and small-town hospitality. With historic buildings, boutique shopping and a riverfront park of the Kentucky River, the options for your engagement photos are endless. We especially like the view of the train bridge.

Wilson Nurseries (permit required)

If you’re a plant lover like us, consider having your engagement photos in a nursery. We love this one in particular for its wide range of plants, trees, shrubs. It feels like you’re walking into a jungle when you arrive. What better way to show your love for one another than amongst the plants 🙂

Elk Creek Vineyards (permit required)

In the rolling hills of Owenton lies Elk Creek Vineyards. With a delightful blend of wine and food, this gorgeous countryside setting is the perfect backdrop for your engagement session. The estate boasts rolling hills, meadows and of course, the vineyard.

Best Places for Engagement Photos in Bowling Green

The city’s iconic Fountain Square Park offers a classic setting with its charming gazebo, greenery, and elegant fountain, providing a timeless backdrop for capturing intimate moments between you and your partner. Additionally, the Western Kentucky University campus boasts stunning architecture, including the historic Cherry Hall and Van Meter Auditorium, perfect for couples desiring a collegiate atmosphere in their photos. Bowling Green’s proximity to natural wonders like the Lost River Cave and Mammoth Cave National Park also offers couples the chance to incorporate breathtaking caverns, rivers, and woodland scenery into their engagement photos.

Fountain Square Park

This historic urban park serves as a vibrant gathering place and focal point for community events, cultural activities, and leisurely strolls. At the heart of Fountain Square Park stands a beautiful fountain, after which the park is named. Surrounding the park is a mix of historic buildings, shops, restaurants, and cafes, giving Fountain Square Park a charming and lively atmosphere.

WKU’s Campus

Whether it be the Cherry Hall Courtyard, the Van Meter Hall and Fountain or the South Lawn, WKU’s Campus is nothing but beauty everywhere you go. Beware the ‘Hill’ during your session or you might end up slightly out of breath. Want somewhere besides the campus? The Bike Trail and Greenway is nearby and goes through wooded areas and beautiful fields.

Lost River Cave (permit required)

This underground cave system offers impressive rock formations, underground waterfalls, and crystal-clear pools. The surrounding park features walking trails, scenic overlooks, and picnic areas, providing opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

Historic RailPark and Train Museum 

One of the highlights of the Railpark is the collection of historic railcars and locomotives on display. You can step aboard beautifully restored passenger cars, cabooses, and even a vintage steam locomotive, getting a firsthand look at the luxurious accommodations and engineering marvels of the past. If you love trains, this is the perfect spot!

The Downing Museum (permit required) 

The Downing Museum is more than just a showcase for art; it’s a sanctuary for creativity, inspiration, and connection with nature. Whether admiring the artwork indoors, exploring the arboretum outdoors, or simply soaking up the peaceful ambiance of the surroundings, this location might be the perfect location for your engagement photos.

Mammoth Cave (entry necessary) 

Stalagmites, stalactites, oh my! Mammoth Cave offers visitors a chance to marvel at the awe-inspiring beauty and complexity of the underground world but you will need to okay the use of flash as the underground tunnels get very dark. The surrounding area is lush and offers outdoor options to compliment your tredge into the darkness.

The Corvette Museum (permit required)

An iconic destination for car enthusiasts and couples alike, the Corvette Museum offers a unique backdrop for engagement photos that blends automotive history with romance and nostalgia. You can pose alongside a dazzling array of classic and contemporary Corvette cars, ranging from vintage models to the latest releases.

Riverview at Hobson Grove

The grounds of Hobson Grove are enchanting, with manicured lawns, colorful flower beds, and shaded walkways that invite leisurely strolls and exploration. The mansion itself features intricate woodwork, ornate details, and soaring windows.

Best Places for Engagement Photos in Red River Gorge

Red River Gorge presents an enchanting backdrop for engagement photos, offering a blend of natural beauty and rugged wilderness. Nestled within the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky, this scenic wonderland features towering sandstone cliffs, lush forests, and meandering rivers, and if you’re adventurous enough even a waterfall or two!  Whether posing against majestic rock formations, balancing along the banks of the Red River, or exploring hidden waterfalls and scenic overlooks, Red River Gorge offers breathtaking and unforgettable engagement photo locations. The area’s tranquil ambiance and untouched wilderness create a sense of intimacy and adventure, allowing couples to connect with each other and nature during their engagement session. 

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