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The Olmsted: Where History Meets Luxury in Louisville, KY

At Green Apple Photography, we have the privilege of working at some of the most stunning venues in Louisville, but few capture our hearts like The Olmsted. This historic venue has beautifully evolved into a premier wedding and event space, blending historic charm with modern elegance. From its grand ballroom, to the picturesque grounds, The Olmsted offers a breathtaking setting for any celebration. Join us as we share why we adore photographing weddings at this remarkable venue and why it might just be the perfect choice for your big day.

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Why Green Apple Photography Loves The Olmsted

The Olmsted, originally a Masonic Widows and Orphan Home, is now a premier wedding and event venue here in Louisville, Kentucky. This historic venue offers a grand ballroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, crystal chandeliers, and brick walls, creating a regal yet comfortable atmosphere. The venue’s Old World design includes bright arch windows, a favorite among photographers (we can attest) and couples alike. Situated on 80 acres in Southeast Louisville, The Olmsted displays a park-like setting with lush greenery and expansive grassy areas, which is perfect for stunning wedding photos. The venue can accommodate up to 600 guests and offers both indoor and outdoor ceremony options. With a focus on service and experience, The Olmsted has been family-owned and operated since 1938, ensuring an amazing experience for every wedding. All-inclusive options make planning easy, with customizable packages for food, decor, and more. 

Whether it’s the origin story of the property, the superb staff and landscaping, or the in-house resources, we could go on and on about this gorgeous venue. While writing paragraphs about why we love the Olmsted would get the point across, we figured we’d let you see it for yourself. Click the link here to truly understand why we love The Olmsted.

The History of The Olmsted

The Olmsted, a historic venue in Louisville, Kentucky, was constructed between 1925 and 1927. As mentioned earlier, the current day venue is the former Masonic Widows and Orphans Home. The Olmsted is located at 3701 Frankfort Avenue in the historic Crescent Hill-St. Matthews area and was designed by the architectural firm of “Joseph and Joseph”. The venue is part of “an elongated oval landscape plan”, with most buildings set along the outer edge of the roughly 80-acre property. At the heart of the property lies The Olmsted, originally known as “the dining hall and the hub of activity for the Home’s occupants”. The Olmsted is named after Frederick Law Olmsted Jr., the renowned landscape architectural firm. The Olmsted Brothers, famous for their work in Louisville and beyond, including Central Park in New York City. The Home’s landscape design, featuring mature trees, paved driveways, and expansive grassy areas, provided a natural and serene environment for its residents, embodying Olmsted Jr.’s vision of healthier living through natural park-like settings in urban areas. How cool is it that the same person who aided in designing Central Park in NYC, helped design The Olmsted!


Spaces at The Olmsted

This gorgeous venue welcomes you directly to the Grand Foyer. This mesmerizing entrance connects to both the East and West Wing. See below for the Room dimensions and recommended capacities for each space.

The Grand Foyer

Dimensions: 47 ft x 54 ft

Square footage: 2,500 Sq. Ft

Seated Capacity: 120 guests (rounds of 10)

Standing Capacity (cocktail reception): 225 guests

The East & West Wing

These rooms are mirrored, therefore they have the same dimensions and capacity.

Dimensions: 64 ft x 67 ft

Square footage: 4,250 Sq. Ft

Seated Capacity: 350 guests (rounds of 10)

Standing Capacity (cocktail reception): 450 guests

Click here for more facility information.

The Olmsted Pricing & Collections

The rental of the venue includes all three spaces, including the Grand Foyer, which connects to both the East and West Wing. The rental price is dependent on the day of the week, see below for more information.

Friday Rental Price =  $3,000

Saturday Rental Price =  $4,000

Sunday Rental Price = $1,000

Monday – Thursday Evening Rental Price = $600

*Please note that the full payment must be made at least 7 days ahead of your event.*

For more information, including room capacity, layout, and dimension of the spaces, click the link here.

Masterson’s Catering Pricing & Collections

To ensure a seamless experience on your special day, The Olmsted exclusively partners with Masterson’s catering, eliminating the need for outside caterers. Please note that food and beverage minimums vary depending on the day of the week the venue is rented. See the details below.

Friday Food & Beverage minimum = $8,000

Saturday Food & Beverage minimum (if event ends by 3pm) = $5,000

Saturday Food & Beverage minimum (if event ends after 3pm)= $11,000

Sunday Food & Beverage minimum = $4,000

For more information on Masterson’s catering, click the link here.

Rentals Available at The Olmsted

The Olmsted not only provides the perfect venue, catering, and events team, but also offers a selection of rental items, eliminating the need for additional vendors. See the list below for available rental items.

– Audio equipment and lighting, more details here

– Tables, Chairs, & Furniture

– Centerpieces

FAQs about The Olmsted

How do I inquire with The Olmsted?

Click the link here to fill out an event information request form and someone from The Olmsted should be in touch with you soon!

How long do my vendors have to set their items?

According to The Olmsted’s website, “Vendors such as florists, musicians, bakers and the like, may begin setup 3 hours prior to the start time of your event. Removal of the vendor’s equipment is required immediately following the event but in some cases items may be left and picked up the following morning. A fee of $150 per hour will be accessed if additional setup time is required.”

Do we have access to the grounds surrounding the Olmsted?

If you have rented the interior space, then yes, you have access to the grounds and may take photos on them!

Does The Olmsted have multiple events per night?

No! The Olmsted’s website says, “When renting The Olmsted for an event, your event rental includes usage of the entire facility should you so desire. Your group will not share event space or common areas with another function unless given permission by you.”

Can I have an outdoor ceremony at the Olmsted?

The Olmsted sits on over 81 acres of land, so yes, there is plenty of room for an outdoor ceremony if you wish. See the venue’s ceremony policy here, “The Olmsted is available for wedding ceremonies prior to the reception, however a fee of $700.00 will be assessed for ceremonies, inside or outside and includes rehearsal time.”

In summary, we absolutely love working with The Olmsted and know you will too! If you’re still exploring options, check out this link to discover other stunning wedding venues in Louisville. No matter where you choose to celebrate, Green Apple Photography will be there to capture every moment. We’d love to work with you!

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