Looking for a wedding venue that will charm your guests? The Seelbach can do just that!

The Seelbach, Louisville Kentucky

For many, searching for a dream wedding venue comes with a long list of boxes you’re trying to check. Among that long list there’s the location, the event space aesthetics, the guest capacity and the food. To name a few.

But without even seeing the Seelbach, we could convince you that you need to get married here.

The Seelbach is drenched in rich history that catapults it high above other wedding venues in the area.

After all, there’s no where else you can get married and say “My wedding venue inspired the Great Gatsby,” and mean it quite literally. That’s right, this venue is so stunning and sought after that even F. Scott Fitzgerald found himself drawn here while writing his classic well-known and loved American novel.

If there’s anything we know, it’s a place that is revered in this way, is worth the attention. And when you get to see it you will agree, it certainly does not disappoint.

The Seelbach, exquisitely designed, has stood the test of time. We’re talking luxe southern charm with a 1920’s vibe. This historic landmark feels like a forbidden speakeasy, ready to captivate you and shroud you with love and magic.

For good reason, too.

The Seelbach actually once upon a time was a popular place for underground kingpins and bootleggers to meet and play cards. “Yeah, but was Al Capone there?” Yep. He sure was.

But first let’s go back to where it all started so you can really paint the picture in your minds eye of how remarkable the Seelbach is.

To start, you have to know that the hotel acquired it’s name much like hotels do, it was a family name! Two Bavarian Brothers with the last name Seelbach moved to the United States in 1869. With a dream and a plan, they intentionally began working in the hospitality industry and by 1903 they were setting to open their own establishment.

They wanted it to be truly captivating, so they took the time to ship marble and other materials in from all over the world.

In 1905 the hotel opened and immediately became so popular that they began building an extension of suites and a Rathskeller to add comfort and dining for the droves of guests. Of course the Rathskeller had to have it’s own acclaim and to this day it’s the only surviving beerhall of it’s kind, and built with rare Rockwood Pottery.

Even today The Seelbach sees it’s fair share of celebrities who make it a point to visit and take in the grandeur of the hotel. Elton John, Billy Joel, and even Miss America 2000, Heather French Henry, to name drop a few.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t share that the Hollywood Classic “The Hustler” with Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason features scenes here, oh and remember that little note about The Great Gatsby? Yeah, the 2013 movie has a slice of the Seelbach as well.

Honestly, the interior is beyond words, with all the attention to detail it’s worth the trip to visit, even if you don’t get married here. It feels like being transported into another time, where the elements are still as vibrant today as they were back then.

Now that we’ve waxed poetic about our love for the Seelbach, perhaps it’s time to talk about how you can have the wedding of your dreams here!

At this point we probably don’t need to mention that this space is perfect for a wedding because your guests can sleep here, but we’ll include that fine detail as the icing on the cake.

The Seelbach has four event spaces within the hotel itself, so there’s plenty of options to choose from. There’s the Medallion Ballroom, Grand Ballroom, Rathskeller, and Mezzanine Ballroom.

The Medallion Ballroom is the largest, at nearly 9,000 square feet you can fit up to 650 of your closest friends and family in here. This ballroom has expansive 20 foot ceilings and is adorned with gold and chandeliers.

Grand Ballroom comes in as the next biggest space, giving you room to fit up to 250 wedding guests. This stunning room features turn-of-the-century details in gold and cobalt, glimmering chandeliers and sparkling city views. If this room looks familiar to you, it may be because you recognize it from Tom and Daisy’s wedding in The Great Gatsby. We know. It’s an incredible bragging right!

The Rathskeller not only is a one of a kind event space, but it’s arched red terracotta ceilings are breathtakingly beautiful. This unique space can host up to 150 wedding guests, and we do think it’s worth visiting to fully take it all in.

Mezzanine Ballroom may come up last on the list, but it’s not least. This miniature Medallion Ballroom is a more classic style event space with modern touches. The lighting here leans contemporary and traditional for what you can expect from a hotel ballroom. This space can also host up to 150 wedding guests.

Noteworthy Features

Let’s just make this simple for you:

  • Historic landmark close to many downtown Louisville attractions
  • Can also accommodate your rehearsal dinners (we love getting to keep everything in one space!)
  • Transportation services
  • Same-day dry cleaning (you never know!)
  • Different suites for wedding guests, wedding party and clients
  • Supplied list of vendor referrals
  • On-site catering

Pricing & Collections

Full event pricing is not posted on their site, but you can get an idea of menu prices and options here.

You can access the Seelbach’s wedding page here where you can access their request for proposal page as well.

Wanting to get the full picture? Click here to head over to the main page for the Seelbach.


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