Hosting a Gardens at Ray Eden Wedding – Your Dream Venue

If you’ve envisioned a gorgeous and intimate backyard celebration for your wedding, but lack a suitable location, Gardens at Ray Eden is your ideal choice! A Gardens at Ray Eden wedding offers the enchantment of an all-outdoor wedding, which fulfills a dream for many couples. This venue provides the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding, allowing you to design your special day with ease and simplicity.

With a 4.6 rating on The Knot and a 4.8 rating on Google, Gardens at Ray Eden is highly regarded by couples and guests alike. The lush greenery and floral abundance create a magical setting, evoking the charm of a private secret garden.

Why Green Apple Loves Gardens at Ray Eden

One thing brides consistently express, no matter where they’re tying the knot, is a desire to personalize their wedding venue. The Gardens at Ray Eden stands out because it allows couples to do just that. This venue is a blank canvas, waiting for you to create your perfect day. With its expansive grounds, you have the freedom to bring in your own vendors and rental items, ensuring that every detail reflects your unique style. This is why Green Apple Photography adores the Gardens at Ray Eden wedding venue!

The History of Gardens at Ray Eden

The Gardens at Ray Eden actually was once a private residence! The original home, which is currently 122 years old, is still standing on the 14-acre estate. You will even see remains of a log cabin home from the 1800s that were partially used when the now standing cottage was built.

Since 1990, landscapers have consistently worked on site, taking meticulous care of the gardens, making them the pristine and ethereal concept you see today. You will be greeted by a spring-fed lake, nursery, and a variety of trees and shrubs, many of which are part of the gardens themselves.

The Spaces of The Gardens at Ray Eden

The Garden

Today, the Gardens at Ray Eden boast several distinct garden areas, each with its own unique charm. Whether it’s the serene Koi Pond Garden Area, the vibrant Lilly Pond Garden sprouting perennials, the quaint Old Courtyard Gardens, or the peaceful Shade Gardens, there’s a setting to suit every couple’s vision! 

Central to the venue’s ambiance, is a beautiful old-stone water fountain, a focal point that ties the entire space together. The main house, surrounded by dry stacked stone walls, gives off a timeless charm. In the summer, the gardens come alive with dozens of perennials, strategically planted by the landscaping team to ensure a new burst of color almost every month.

According to the Gardens at Ray Eden website, June is the ideal time to witness the daylily beds in their full glory, however, July boasts over 85 varieties in bloom. This aligns perfectly with the venue’s wedding season, which runs from May through October, allowing couples to experience the gardens at their most aesthetic time.

The Pergola

Located on-site at Gardens at Ray Eden, the paved pergola would be perfect for a reception or cocktail hour. The pergola has a permanent roof so it can withstand any unexpected bouts of rain. The ceiling of the pergola includes glass bulbs that hang throughout, giving you that cozy and intimate radiance you’d want for the evening portion of your wedding.

Gardens at Ray Eden Pricing

The pricing structure is dependent on the number of guests you wish to include on your big day.

1-130 guests will cost $5,995 for the rental of the property

131-230 guests will cost $6,995 for the rental of the property

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FAQs about Holding a Garden at Ray Eden Wedding

What vendors will I need to supply myself at Gardens at Ray Eden?

Catering services, photographer, tables/tablecloths, DJ, and a florist, are a few big vendors that you’ll need to find. 

Do I need a wedding coordinator at Gardens at Ray Eden?

Having a wedding coordinator is optional. However, assigning someone to be in charge, such as a family member or friend is required. This assigned person will need to be there for the rehearsal, day of the wedding, and will need to help organize and set up/teardown the event. If you are interested in booking a wedding coordinator, check out our ultimate guide to the best wedding planners in Louisville!

Are there getting ready spaces available at Gardens at Ray Eden?

Yes! A large bridal suite is provided for the bridal party to get ready. This space includes a kitchenette. The Garage Cave is provided for the groom and groomsmen to get ready as well, and is equipped with a stereo, tables, chairs, and a refrigerator.

Are any rental items offered by Gardens at Ray Eden?

You can rent white resin padded chairs, refinished whiskey barrels, as well as a 9 foot long wooden bar top for the barrels.

Are there any preferred vendors at Gardens at Ray Eden?

There is a list of suggested vendors upon request.

Is Gardens at Ray Eden still booking for the 2024/2025 wedding season?

Yes! According to Gardens of Ray Eden’s website, they are still booking for 2024-2025. 

What months are the Gardens at Ray Eden open for rental?

The venue is available for rent from May to October.

What if it rains during my wedding?

The paved pergola, which is included in your rental, can be used in the case of inclement weather. The space is 40’ x 80’, has a permanent roof, and can seat 200+ guests. The pergola has over 300 glass light bulbs to create an intimate and romantic setting for your ceremony or reception.

Is parking available at the Gardens at Ray Eden Wedding?

There is ample parking space available at the Gardens at Ray Eden. Not only is there a large parking area for guests, but the bride, groom, and their immediate families will receive access to a private parking lot.

Do I need to clean up the night of my wedding?

Unlike most wedding venues, Gardens at Ray Eden allow guests to complete clean-up and removal of items the following morning!

How do I tour Gardens at Ray Eden?

Tours are made by appointment only. You can set up an appointment by calling 502.241.9111. It is suggested to leave a message if you receive their voicemail. 

 We get it! This is a big decision. Personally, we don’t care if your wedding is indoors, outdoors, in a cave, or on top of a mountain (we’ve done ’em all). Our main focus is facilitating a day that remains authentic and true to you and your partner. However, if you’re leaning towards an outdoor wedding, but aren’t sold yet, check out this link to read about the benefits of having an outdoor wedding. 

Love this venue but still weighing your options? Click here to read about a few more of our favorite Louisville wedding venues. If you think the Gardens at Ray Eden might be right for you, we can take the task of finding a photographer off of your plate. Inquire today, we know these gardens like the back of our hands!

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